2nd Chances and Faith; “what’s love got to do with it?”

By Jade McLove also known as God Loves You

What do you do once your life goes in the wrong direction? Do you keep on making the same mistakes? Or do you decide this Christmas, as a gift to yourself, and those who have changed. That you’ll finally decide to change your life and go down a different path? Why make things worse than they have to be, by doing the same damn things, over and over again?

Look! I understand, that many things in today’s society are “fake!” Even, all that money which you think you have in the Bank. It’s only worth anything, because you value it.

Now, that’s a really hard concept for many in society to accept, but that’s the truth. Actually, all we have in the Bank is fiat money, and the fed’s say it’s worth something, because we believe it’s worth something. So, stores and such, still except that our cash has worth. Yet, it’s all fake, just like and unfortunately, most of the people living in California.

We say “we want peace on earth?” Yet, no-one really cares, because, we have become like the city of Sodom. A city which was destroyed, because in all actuality, they weren’t very friendly to newcomers. I mean, they treated newcomers like shit! So God, reigned down his wrath on them. Still, in America we walk the talk, but we don’t really mean very much of what we say. We claim in America that we are the country of 2nd chances, but just ask any ex-con, if he or she has gotten a 2nd chance? Ask, any ex-drug addict, ex-pornstar, ex-stripper, ex-prostitute, or ex-pimp, or ex-hustler, or ex-convict; “if America is forgiving?” And you’re going to hear an astounding “no!”

No, we (American’s) most of us, are huge hypocrites this Christmas, and I’m not going to put this on President Obama, or his Administration. But, it seems as if, when we enforce acceptance and tolerance. The more intolerant of others, and their life style choices, or mistakes we become. So, in all reality, unless you keep all your past mistakes a huge secrete, or you change your name, or move out of the country. You’ll be forced, to become a slave, or go back to the lifestyle, which led you down, the wrong path in the first place.

So, how many of you, who are employers; “hired ex-convicts this Christmas?” How many of you this Christmas, have given $100 in cash or more, to a family you know is in need? How many of you, have given words of hope or kindness to others this Christmas? HOW MANY OF YOU, HAVE ACTUALLY DONE ANYTHING, TO HELP ANYONE THIS CHRISTMAS? Look! I’m not going to play the blame game this Christmas. Yet, I believe, that “forgiveness” involves everyone in society, not just the Christians.

I thought long and hard, about this post before I actually wrote it. I come from hard times, and I know just how unforgiving, and hypocritical, most of the douche-bags we are forced to work under, and live around are. Most, are constantly looking for “our weaknesses?” So that these head-bloat-bosses and others, can talk smack to others about us, behind our backs. Still, I have to ask; “why do they act like this? Who looks bad? Us or them?” All-of-which happens, because most of us, but not me, are constantly; “kissing our bosses asses, in a lame attempt, at brown nosing them. Hopping we’ll get ahead!” Facts which only make those who practice this weak-program of assertiveness, look even weaker.” Many believe that acting this way; “will save their jobs, when the reality of the situation is, that you’ll lose your jobs first!” Why? Nobody, likes a brown-nosing kiss-ass!

I truly believe, that there are many among us, me myself included, who have gotten 2nd chances, and not wasted them.

I was a drunk/drug-addict for years. I bought drugs, and even wound up dating a drug dealer. Hey, it was a money saving opportunity. If you date the drug-dealer, all your drugs are free…right? Although, drugs and alcohol, just like anything else in life, can lead you to prison, homelessness, and hopelessness. In life, you have to deal with these problems!

One day you’ll have to suck it up and stop partying. Think about all those days and nights when you were stuck in your apartment or home, hiding your addiction from the world. Or think about, all those nights and days, where you were forced to go to work high as “F!”

It was lame of me, and it’s lame of you, but changing, real change isn’t easy and it’s a lot harder in a society that “doesn’t forgive!” And completely condemns every mistake made. Look! There are no “perfect people?” living in the world among us.

Although, every single person this Christmas, can forgive themselves, and give themselves the gift of a 2nd chance.

I recently saw a Christmas Movie that brought me to tears, because, I was watching my life. Now, this man had done another homeless man a favor. And this “one act” of kindness gave him the 2nd chance, of having his parents not be killed. A fact which totally destroyed his life. Why? Because this kid hid his dad’s car key’s (and blamed himself?). So because this man, who went to juvenile detention as a child, was then raped by some older boys, in that system. He wound up becoming a life time criminal. Until finally, he wound up homeless and on the streets of London.

So, when he switched Jackets with this guy, who found himself newly homeless. He froze to death from the cold that night, and that one act of kindness, fixed every mistake that he had ever made. And his father, who didn’t die because of that act, was then able to save the little girl who fell in a lake. A girl who had died originally, but because he (his father a fireman) hadn’t died, he’d been able to save her life, the first time around.

It’s horrible to know; that the reality of the situation is, that homeless people do die from the cold every winter. And, it doesn’t have to happen but does, because of selfish, thoughtless people in America! People who only care about their families and their lives. Until, they themselves become homeless, and then no-one helps them either, because who did they help; “no one!” Still, they will cry a river, about their horrible luck, and how, they didn’t do anything to deserve their circumstances. But they sat there “doing nothing!” While expecting the rest of the world to care?

When they themselves never cared about anyone else, except themselves for their entire lives.

Some didn’t even care about the children they claimed to care about. That’s why that movie made me cry, because that man, never cared about anyone, not even himself. Until, he gave that newly homeless man his jacket.

All I want for Christmas, is for more people to actually care about themselves, which will lead them to caring about everyone else as well. Don’t let the Negative nannies who keep on telling us, that we’re terrible people, actually drag us down this Christmas. Who the “F” are they anyway? And even if they’re your bosses, or the higher up’s who you claim to love, which you’ll have to deal with this Christmas. The best way to deal with them, is act like you care, when in all actuality; “you could really care less!” I do it everyday! And I’m so good at this that you would never know what I’m actually thinking.

Why? Because why should their bad comments, reflect negatively on me? “screw them!” Please just say in your mind to them; “eat it! No really!” That’s all you have to do. It’s just like, how I’m surrounded by jealous people, who actually believe, that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth (laughing!). How stupid is that? Look! I wouldn’t be a freaking Telemarketer dumb asses!

I’d be on a white beach, with an umbrella, and a shrimp cocktail! The hell with work! I’d be on a permanent vacation, and I sure as hell wouldn’t associate with “people with bad attitudes!” Especially, if I didn’t have to; “would you?” So, the belief is flawed, and completely ridiculous. I work, because I have too!

So this Christmas, the radical elements within our own society, and those who pass judgement of others, around the world today. Need to realize “THAT EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING MAKES MISTAKES! FREAKING HYPOCRITES!”

While those who stand in judgement, and ridicule, and label others, be prepared to “stand in judgement before God! Be prepared to be ridiculed before God! And be prepared to be laughed at and about (before God!). Just like you yourself, gave that treatment to others!”

In a loveless, cruel, mean hearted, and unforgiving society. Where people are malicious to you on every front. You have to realize, that if you ever make a mistake, in such a ruthless society, you will find “NO forgiveness!” In this type of society all you will find is a seething hatred. So, this is why I say; “we live in the land of allusion!” Where everything is fake, and the only reasons, that most of us are still alive is because of “corporate America!” And for no-other reason!

Because, once super farms cease to exist, then most of us will cease to exist as well. Whether, we choose to believe it or not. Why? In reality this society is unsustainable! There would never be this many people on the face of the planet today, if there weren’t drugs to keep us healthy, and mega farms to feed us! The populace of the world would have suffered a mass extinction by now, if it weren’t for pharmaceutical corporations, and mega farms . So maybe the next time you see a homeless person, you might want to ease up on the “judgmental comments!” And be thankful, that you yourself, haven’t wound up homeless like them.

Especially, in a society which has been built up, and around on shear illusion. Its delusional thinking and conditioning, that makes us believe; “that our society is based in reality. When most of us, have been brainwashed and conditioned since birth by corporate advertising to be who we are.

Advertising which has told us from birth; “what’s normal and how to live, behave, and be!” Still, has anyone done what I’ve done, by taking a moment to discover who they are? Without societies Dogma…about how we should live? I mean, think about our parents for a moment.

Why are men taking Viagra today? And why are older women, along with old women at the gym; dressing like horny Teenagers, or having plastic surgery done past the age of 60 ? It’s because, our fake society, despises older people! And they know it, and rather than “being themselves” which is Grandma’s and Grandfathers, and retiring, and steeping aside, so that the younger generations can have a chance. They are selfishly, holding on to youth until they die! Youth that’s just not there for them anymore. So rather than facing the piper, and their future demise, due to old age, as every single person has done since the beginning of time has been faced with. They, like the person’s who’ve been led astray into homelessness, have never taken responsibility for themselves, or any of their actions.

It’s the truth! And all of the above, is happening, because we live in a FAKE universe! A universe built around the aspirations of the permanently young. A universe where nothing bad ever happens, and nothing bad is ever said, or bad word is ever uttered. And growing old is what most Americans consider “bad and brutal” but just like all the other things we’ve grown intolerant of. The aging process is just another intolerable agent in life, that this generation can no-longer tolerate!

We love, because of looks, and the prestige of being with another person. Not because, most of us are actually in love. We are all addicted to the fantasy of love! A fantasy which has been set up for us by advertising agencies.

A fantasy which states; “that if you’re not in love, that something is wrong with you!” While being in a relationship, and having that perfect house, and perfect mate; “has to happen?” Or we are somehow less than human? But that’s not reality! The reality is; “that many people in America, have given themselves and lives away, to a lifestyle, which they don’t believe in, or want!” And to give up your entire life for the house with a White Picket Fence (a strangers dream). Like a fake Christmas Plate, is actually worse, than becoming a drug addict. To all you hypocrites who live your perfect little lives while condemning everyone else. Go and stick your Yacht’s and Mansions up your asses! You know you’re making payments on all that crap anyway…fakes!

Maybe that’s why Jesus Christ liked the homeless, and down and out, because they were honest with themselves; “as to just what type of person they where!” I know so many people today; “who don’t even know themselves! Because, they are to busy living someone else’s life and dreams.” So this Christmas, I have to ask you; “what’s it going to be the phony life you’ve chosen, or a real life that you created?”

Will you choose to find yourself, like the man in the movie I told you about. A man who was given a 2nd chance? OR are you going to continue to live that fake existence that you’re living? Which, will ultimately destroy your life, and probably lead you down that road to “drugs and alcohol!”

Is that what you want? If not? Then stop letting big corporate advertisers lies, tell you, what your reality needs to be. You don’t have to be an oversexed, sex addict, who has to be using her or his private parts, to feel that they belong in a society that cherishes sex, over real love! If you only knew how much drama and bullshit, that I have to tolerate, for not wanting to live like, most of the other morons in California live. It’s a tough road, to live the way you want to live; “but you can do it!” I know, because I’ve done it! I’m free at last, thank God I’m free at last. And no Religion, Corporation, Advertisement, persons believes, can ever force me back into their dungeon of “no-choice” in regards to how I choose to live “MY LIFE!”

Why did I choose to be celibate, because most of the men in California are “spiritually unclean!” And since, it took me years, to get as spiritually clean as I am today! While taking a vow of celibacy to God. I have been dubbed as crazy, by the sex-crazed, sexually driven, one tracked mind’s, which I’m trapped by. Because, they view “not wanting a relationship” as being crazy!? Well I have a relationship with God himself. Would I choose an unclean Californian man, or God? Who would you choose if given the choice? An eternity with God, or 10 – 20 years, which might grow “old and stale” with a man.

Here’s the thing, which many unfortunates in California actually believe. They believe, that always having another living person having sex with them. Will keep them from being lonely. Yet if they where intelligent, they’d realize, that “no living person” can take away their emptiness. Or fill the hole were God should be. So they continuously have to be in any kind of a relationship, but they are never satisfied with anyone, because “deep down” that sense of loneliness never leaves them. Oh, and here’s a funny, fun-filled fact, before becoming celibate, and learning to love myself first.

Even when I was with someone, I was constantly lonely and depressed, through every relationship, I ever had. To the point, of not trusting anything my ex-boyfriend did. Why? Because, my loneliness was within me, and had nothing to do with him. Still, I’m labeled as crazy, because, I don’t want to fall into the corporate-commercialism of a Ken and Barbie, or Ken and Ken, or Barbie and Barbie existence.

So why do you want to live that way? Maybe this Christmas, we could forgive each other, and wake-up to the reality, that there is a better existence waiting for us. Rather than loving our private parts. All we have to do is to choose to live it, and that will be a 2nd Chance for everyone to live the life they were truly meant to live. Because I and you don’t need; “anymore of that FAKE love!” Let’s make everything we do in 2016; “real!”

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