A Transsexual Man is Still A Homosexual! The destruction of the Gay and Lesbian Community!

By Jade McLove

OK, I hate talking about this, and I hate stating the obvious, but your boy or girl status in this world, is not up for debate, because “GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES!” I had a gay male friend say to me. Look! We understand wanting to have sex with a man, we really understand those feelings. Yet, can you explain to me, because I’m gay and we can’t figure this out, “what the Hell, I feel like a woman means?”

He went on to tell me, that it’s insulting to Gay Men everywhere, because Gay Men love other men, and have “NO DESIRES” to have anything “woman” in their lives. We love men, we are men, and “we don’t identify with women at all! And We have no-desires to be with women! Other than to become fathers, because we can’t have our own Babies!” And even Lesbian woman, say the same thing about men, which came from my mothers friend, who she worked with who was a Lesbian women; “we love women, and we want woman, and we don’t want to be men!”

So this is kind of a Gay and Lesbian community post! To figure out where Trans-gendered issues stem from, because most gay people, identify as having sexual desires for the same sex. Something, which has nothing to do with wanting to change into a woman, or a man.

Oh, and in my life, I did work for the L.A Express, and was working at the front, taking Personal Ads for the Transgender’ed Community. And sorry to say this, but most of the men who posted Escorting Services as Transsexuals. Only dressed like woman, to be able to sell themselves to other straight men! Johns, who were secretly gay, “but couldn’t face that fact!” So they would call transgender’ed prostitutes paying them $$$ hundreds if not thousands-of-dollars in escorting/prostitution fees. To be gay, while not having to admit their homosexuality to themselves.

Now I’m sorry to say this, but most men, are more willing to do anything for money to pay the rent, then most women are. Although today in America, there sure are a lot of female Prostitutes. Now these Transsexual Men for pay, were making money hand over fist, and some were charging a $1000 plus per John. That’s not sorry cash, for a lot of brook guys, who are living on the streets.

I’ve known more than a couple of Trans-gendered Beautiful men, who rivaled with some of the best looking Russian Models. Now these guys, knew what they were doing. They made money!

Yet, if you asked me, because I placed their Escorting Ads. Most weren’t gay or transgender’ed at all. The truth is most were real men, “who were hustling their bodies for money!” And trust me, I’ve known more than a couple of guys, who were willing to be switch-hitters, “if the price was right.” One of those off and on, Gay for Pay men, was near and dear to me, and he lived under the title; “when are you going to live your life right?”

Yes, now I can say, I was in love with a gay man for over 4 years. Did I think I could change his desires. No! And it was wrong to even be with someone, who had confused his own sexuality, by becoming “gay for pay!” Now I didn’t have to admit that! All of this was during my old life, and was before I found God, I had been with a man who had been “gay for pay at that point in my life.” He usually did this debauchery, whenever he became desperate to pay his bills and rent. So really, most of these transexual gay-for-pay men, are traumatized, whether they can admit it to themselves or not…

While most of the guys/Johns who sleep with them, because I knew 2 transexual men, who were holding a Brunch and serving Formosa’s. When and my ex-lover walked into their Apartment. Now I came with my then, sometimes gay for pay boyfriend, which was 5 or 6 years ago. So we were speaking with the two Transgender’ed Men. Men who were transexual for pay. When my ex-lover came to the party, and proceeded into the bedroom, to have sex with a gay-for-pay man, who was dressing as a transexual woman. A man who was 6″4, and had a bigger Penis than he did. He had sex with him, and when I saw it, (so I know about his length) — I dropped the Champagne Glass of Formosa, which I was holding in my hand. My ex-gay-for-pay sometimes lover, who was friends with my current sometimes gay-for-pay boyfriend at that time, over 5 years ago, “giggled like a school girl about him having sex without being paid with a transexual woman.” So my then boyfriend at the time just shrugged his shoulders and said; “I always knew that F’er was a closet case!” And I was thinking when he said it; “like you’re not?”

Now, when I called my ex-lover, who also happened to be an ex-Cop, that I caught him in the Act, with a Transsexual woman for pay/prostitute.  He tried to claim his love for every single woman on the face of the Planet (I’m still laughing all these years latter about that!). While proceeding to tell me, that this Transgender male Prostitute that he penetrated, was, and this is a direct quote from his own lips; “A REAL WOMAN!” So that’s how deep this deception runs…most of the closet-cases out there, who either sell themselves as woman, or are gay for pay transexual Prostitutes, or the closet case Johns who pay them for their services, or the men who have sex with them. Can’t deal with the heart of the problem! And that problem is that they are, and say it with me “H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L-S!” So, it’s really sad that in 2016, that we have a group of men, who can’t deal with being Homosexuals. Men who are running around in Makeup and Heals, while faking out other Closet cases, “into believing that they are real women!”

All of which, is a bold faced lie, to promote closeted Homosexuality, to avoid the stigma of having to escort themselves out of the Closet, while admitting that they are Homosexuals. And that’s why, I believe that Transsexual Rights will destroy the Gay and Lesbian community, by cloaking homosexuality in a fake form of womanhood. And this reality is no-different, then when men who claimed to be straight, hung out in dark and secluded places, hidden in gay bars across America, looking for quick homosexual hook-ups. Something which eventually created the HIV epidemic of the 80’s, which concocted the Lesbian and Gay movement in the first place.

Look! Weather someone gets into Heaven or not, isn’t my problem, you can either keep living in lies, or admit to the truth. And the truth for most men, who wear dresses, and are getting paid by Johns all around the country, or if they’re claiming to be a straight man. Either way, once you’ve had sex with another man, “you will always be gay!” That stands true, unless you were raped against your will. Which is actually forgiven, because that man didn’t choose to be gay, “he was raped!” So I’m standing up in Arms for all the gay men, who had the Balls to stand up and admit, without hurting their families or each other, by lying about being something their not, which is “being born wrong!” Nobody’s born wrong! You were just born different, “and being gay isn’t a crime!”

So to me the more laws we allow that promote the cloaking of Homosexuality in Women’s clothing. So that straight men, who sell themselves, can either make more money, or hide their true sexuality. While helping the supposed straight men out, by hiding their Homosexuality in the make-believe closet of women’s dresses. All of it is taking the Lesbian and Gay community out of the picture! And if they don’t find a way to make men, and sometimes women, feel OK about being gay. Then instead of the closet that those men are hiding in. Their sexuality will be hidden behind the term; “transgender or transexual woman!”

I know what I’m talking about, because, if I asked my ex-boyfriend today if he was gay. He would still scream at me while saying, “hell no! I’m not gay, I’m an Ex-Marine!” He’s still gay…whatever that means? Especially in a society who is giving laws to homosexual-closet-cases! Men, who want to make money, by prostituting themselves as woman all to pay for dangerous, and unhealthy surgeries. While paying $$$ thousands of dollars to Doctors around the World for dangerous, crazy making Female Hormones.  All of which, should be titled under; “if it walks like a Gay Duck, and sounds like a Gay Duck, it’s a Gay DUCK! Not a woman, a Gay Duck!”

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