Abandon the American dream?

By God Loves IU

Hope and change coming to you live?


This post isn’t to bash President Obama, his administration, President Assad, or all the Middle East Regimes; Regimes which are caught up in this current round of unwinnable violence. No! This post is commentary on how far America has fallen since 9/11.

It seems that no matter how far America steps further and further into the abyss. That we are always one step behind? OK so maybe 2, or 3, or 4 steps behind, in the coolness of other Euro countries. Yes, we have become the uncool Nation, of hotheads, idiots, and pompous (fill in the blanks).

I don’t want to become like Alex Jones, and get all worked up, and start the same old rambling gibberish. Why? Because that’s exactly what the crazy Left and the crazy right do all the time. And since when has that ever gotten anything done? While acting all impassioned about an issue and then once these douchbags get elected — never talk about that promise they made, while never doing the things they promised. But they all have something in common they spoke about their love for America?

Do you see me selling T-shirts, or asking for donations, every time I write an article? Hell no! And do you want to know why? Because thousands of families across America have lost their loved ones to 9/11 and unwinnable wars here for years! Now why would I want to profit from that?

Right now or at least in the last couple of days President Putin has filled my fragile mind with new ideas, and most of his political thinking is right on the ball!  He and I think alike, because the U.N is outdated and has to go! It’s created more problems than it solves, and is threatening the sovereignty of Nation States, and Putin said it best; “I don’t have to watch as a foreign invader from the U.N takes over my borders to bully and threaten me…I do have the right to defend my people from foreign invasion!” For those of you who aren’t up to speed on what he just said. Basically he said if the American’s and the small group of corporatist elitist’s who are behind the U.N — try going tit-for-tat at him with a U.N Army, that America might not like the outcome!” Meaning he’s preparing to kick our (fill in the blank)!


Although when Putin started to ramble on about Global Warming and how everybody needs to work together to stop it. All I could do was post on my google account that: “Global Warming is a scam of monumental proportions, to curtail humanities Freedoms, thereby making everyone slaves to a globalist system! Do you really trust the people in power no matter what country that they live in? Think about it for a moment. Israel was the perpetrators behind 9/11, and our crony capitalist government of elitist’s — were behind them! Giving the people behind the $$$ billions in cash that was stolen the opportunity to jump-ship by giving them a War in the Middle East; “and you and I both thought we were being patriotic by supporting it?” It was a War which destabilized the entire Middle East! They created the criminals who are calling themselves terrorists by financing terrorism with the 9/11 stolen heist and illegal gains by stolen oil and the like! Now financing terrorists is nothing new for Israel and they’ve been doing this since the 70’s. They even had their own radicals dress up like Middle Easterners to attack Egypt in a terrorist attack. Yet you trust these douchebags in power? People who are probably going to send your sons and daughters into the next war for oil and money. So when World War III begins don’t look at me because I told you so!

So with the way that things are heating up between Putin and Obama we should probably start to expect some type of conflict. And the Obama Administration is lying, when they tell us, that Russia is weak, or that Russia wants to play ball with America. Putin has said; “he is behind President Assad in keeping his Presidency/dictatorship.” Can you hear the war drums beating? Well what is President Obama planning to do when he takes Assad out? Oh I know he can pick one of the ISIS members to be the next dictator there…it’s worked so well in Iraq and in Libya and Syria. Right? There’s nothing but terrorists everywhere there, while hundreds of thousands of refugees keep pouring out of the place daily. And what’s going to replace his military; “more terrorists?” President Obama is a nit wit to the 150th power. I know I’m not trying to rag on President Obama, when there is so much to talk about, but so little time.


I watched another video on YouTube about Empire building and how long, and how many cycles it takes to destroy them, and America is in the last cycle which is decadence. Now realize this when I tell you it, that we are broker than broke. That the only reason that they’ve never been able to come up with a balanced budget, is because it would take the country into a tail spin. Thereby sending America into an even bigger Depression than the Great Depression. Plus, if they came up with a balanced National budget — they’d have to stop spending all that money on all those unnecessary programs. Programs which make America seem more like Communist Russia every day. Why? Because jobs like the ones at the T.S.A, the N.S.A, and others are what you would call government welfare jobs. These jobs are hosted and ran by the government, and are made up positions to make our society seem like people are employed. But that’s a lie, because most Americans, are working in service jobs. They aren’t building anything and there is no real Industry left in America, because most of them have left to go to Mexico and China to escape the ridiculous fines of the EPA. And who do we have to thank for the giveaway of American jobs? You can thank Bill Clinton, President Obama, and the Bush family dynasty of President’s! Oh yes, they did make job killing trade agreements to steal your future paycheck from you. So you could become the next resident of our big-government welfare Plantation. Although I have 1 question what have these huckster Presidents ever really given you? Did I hear a big fat nothing? See because there is more to life than a cheesy government subsidized pay check from unemployment or welfare.

What I’m trying to say is that there are huge problems in America today, and those problems aren’t going to fix themselves. I’m talking about a debt like the Greece problem in America! I’m also talking about Wall Street Criminals from 9/11, the housing disaster, and other disasters! Criminals who have not seen one day in prison. While some stupid black woman might get 40 years for just talking to people about killing Cops? See there is a disparity in justice here in America…and all of you freaking idiots — who fall for this shit? Are always and forever kissing bigger and bigger (fill in the blanks). Something which I find a bit hard to stomach. Especially after finding out that 9/11 was orchestrated and done by Israel.

Funny19-600x600But most of you would rather chew your own Arm off than believe it. Even when high-tech explosives, and hard disks (evidence) was found at all 3 sites. It was a timed remote-controlled demolition! And the planes crashing into the buildings was all for your benefit. It’s kind of like how the Romans gave the stupid populace who followed them Gladiator shows. The Planes where the Gladiators, and the buildings where the Lions getting killed, and it made a spectacular show! A show to get you to do what the government wanted which was to help Israel to cover up the $billions and $billions in stolen money through inflicting their destabilizing revenge on Middle Eastern heads. While indoctrinating our kids into their sustainability/global nightmare! And you’re sitting there reading this wondering; “why do the people in the Middle East hate us?” Really?

Meanwhile Putin is pounding the war-drum over the 9/11 incident, which started the total destabilization of the Middle East. I wish it weren’t true! But when Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Gates want to make sure that there are no Carbon admissions. What chance do normal American citizens stand against a radicalized sustainability crises of epic proportions? Proportions which will destabilize an already destabilized world even further while tanking America’s already tanked economy.

Now Israel the only Nation behind 9/11 with the help of the Saudis, whom they are willingly doing business with, because of the Iran Nuclear deal. Are plotting again to do something?


Can you really trust Benjamin Netanyahu a man who sold Arms to China? And then called the owner of the Twin Towers a man who’s a radical Jew named Larry Silverstein. Netanyahu gave Silverstein  condolences on the loss of his buildings? When Silverstein’s entire family didn’t make it to the twin towers, but allowed everyone else too. He allowed his friends, the people who worked there, and everyone to go to work that day to be killed! No you’re right Israel had nothing to do with any of the Billions made by the Silverstein fraud.

Plus, think about this; “this was all done so that the U.N could bring about a one world government?” With all types of horrors which will be brought to you live, because of the radicals that you’ve trusted with your lives who work in government today. I really want to feel sorry for most of you reading this, but I can’t, because you never questioned anything that our Mainstream Media has brain washed you with. Have you? And now it’s almost too late, because, once Europe is destabilized, then America will probably be destabilized next? When thousands now, and millions if Putin doesn’t go to Syria and kick some terrorist (fill-in-the-blank). I really believe that America, and our Constitution, along with everything we love and hold dear, will vanish into the sands of time. Our economy can’t support any more people, there aren’t even enough jobs, for the poor souls who are already here…is there?

Oh my God! I wish I was making most of this stuff up, and I wish that World War III, didn’t look like it was on the horizon. But what choice will a leader (a real leader) have? Especially when a small group of corporatist wing nuts, who along with President Obama, and the U.N…want to control like Pinky and the Brain would say; “to control the world!” How lame is that anyway? Most people can’t even control themselves much less the entire world. But with all these shenanigans against humanity and the entire world — shenanigans which were created by people who hate people! People who call themselves globalists but I call them for what they are, which is Satanists and Heretics — whom want to bring sustainability, at the end of a gun point, to a neighborhood and neighbor near you!

putin1As if all of that wasn’t bad enough? We have the dumbest administration (not an insult) … but fact in office today. Something which Fox News and others are too afraid to be politically incorrect (or perfectly correct) by saying. Our administration has given most of our enemies, and those back stabbing friends, like Saudi Arabia and Israel the keys to the city. The keys are million in Military Aid, covering the tracks of our so-called friends, and enemies…and giving Iran the most ridiculous nuclear deal in that industry’s history.

So am I saddened by the facts, that I’m surrounded for the most part, by some of the dumbest people who have ever lived in the history of mankind? It’s sad but when everyone is out to make a $buck, many people are simply to driven by money, to care about their own happiness and safety, and will trust their government with their lives. Although I believe like the old man Character in the Strain when he said; “I don’t like governments that start calling themselves things like Motherland or Homeland, because you know what happens next? People are eventually killed!”

putinOver 5000 people during the 9/11 tragedy were killed, and another 60,000 were maimed and killed in the Middle Eastern Wars. All those wars were frauds like the people who created them, but you’ll just sit there and believe; “the cops would never arrest me without an arrest warrant? Or seize my property without a warrant? Or imprison or kill me, because, we all know that didn’t happen during World War II…right?” So if World War III starts? Are we looking at a repeat of history? And will any of the War Criminals and Wall Street Criminals in America ever see a day in Prison? Don’t the people in politics and the Military, and the Police forces around America know what our government is up too by now? While many of these Hucksters or so-called defenders of the Constitution, are in on it with the Democrats. Don’t you think that it’s about time that you started to wise up and quick?

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