Abandoned Dog Comes Back to Save Soldiers

He was the unit doggo and when guys came back from patrol they had a fuzzy friend to meet them when they rolled back in. However, this is the US Army, where fun is outlawed, so the order came down to get rid of all the dogs on bases. So the guys took Trackpad in their vehicle and drove him to the other side of the city and dropped him off – they weren’t gonna shoot him. They’re on their way back and bam, ambush. My dude is engaging when all of a sudden he hears a bark from behind him. He recognizes the bark immediately: it’s Trackpad. He turns behind him and sees a dude hefting an RPG about to light him up. Dude opens up and takes down the insurgent, saving the convoy. A minute later, this small shape comes running out of the building where the insurgent had been: it’s Trackpad. He’d followed the convoy for about six miles, spotted the insurgents, and started barking to alert his old friends. Saved some lives for sure.

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