As the World Turns life in America Under President Obama?

By God Loves You

hqdefaultDon’t look at me? I NEVER voted for him! You dildoe’d brain-dead Democrats did. You left wing nut bags — let this douchebag wreck the world.

President Schmuck has done more to single-handedly wreck the country and the world. He’s done a better job than any other President ever has! That’s including all of the Bushes. Plus he’s done all he’s done because of all of the single-celled, brain-dead, democrats helping him along. Whether you are directly responsible for your Lord and Savior’s President Obama’s every action or not. It doesn’t matter! Why? Because you voted for this fool! So it’s all your fault! All of it! Every executive order, all the signing with his executive pen or pens…it’s all your fault! Why don’t you take some freaking responsibility for your actions once in awhile to just admit, that you have gone and made a huge mistake, when you voted President Obama into the most powerful position in Washington.

I didn’t make any mistakes by voting for that prick! So I’m blameless for the coming destruction of America. So if you think it can’t happen? Well it can! It will happen! The destruction of America is coming. Although I’ll give the Democrats a little something? Many of the sellouts who call themselves Republican Senators, are just as bad in many, many, ways.

That’s why everyone is so down for Donald Thump or Trump. Trump isn’t a “sellout” to big corporate causes, because he is the big corporate cause. A fact that makes him seem a little more honest than the lifers, and sellout’s in Political office today. Men and women who tell us one thing, and turn around, and sell the American people down the river…for pocket change/monopoly money?


Has anyone seen the way that Democratic Politicians answer the Media? They’re rude! They talk down to the Media! They dismiss many of the concerns that the Media, and the American Citizens have. Why? Because they view themselves as being “better than average?” They see us as things to be used, because of all that worthless paper-money they’ve stolen. Often from the American people, through their dirty dealings, and secret deals with the 1%! Yet some of you still believe everything you see on T.V News and in the Newspapers? News sources which the Obama Administration bought out long time ago.

Once upon a time — you could see the real news about politics, because the people in congress and the Senate, along with the President; “weren’t corrupt!” That all changed once President Bush, and his dickhead son Bush Jr. got into office. Yet this is what you get, when you trust an ex-CIA agent in Office, as a President. You probably didn’t know that the attempt on Reagan’s life, had ties to Bush Senior, because he wanted to be President…did you?

This is also what you get, when you choose a President, who had direct ties, to the Bin Laden family. What happens when you believe everything you read and hear —- that isn’t the truth as the truth, is that you are setting yourselves and everyone else up to be victims of an out of control regime. A regime called the American Government!

Maybe if you did a little research, instead of say, believing everything you read and saw on T.V and in the News. This wouldn’t be happening to all of us today?

We’ve all been conditioned to trust our government, to trust the Media, to trust the entertainment industry. Yet we have become the guys in Aristotle’s Cave. We are people who are chained to the floor, because we’d rather stay in our cave, while staring at the shadows on the walls! Rather than to take a serious look at reality once in awhile. We’ll blame other people for everything, which goes on in our f’d up lives. To avoid taking a good long hard look at the reality of the situation.

The reality is; that some of us have always been losers and always will be! You can’t blame other people for that!

Socialism iii

So when so many minorities blame every damn thing on everyone else? Rather than looking in the mirror and blaming themselves; for things like getting pregnant, being unwed, becoming and staying gay, coming here illegally, using drugs, being drug using prostitutes, who are unwed and pregnant. Who’s freaking fault is that? It’s your’s or it’s your parents faults! It’s not the White people’s faults like the Obama Administration would have us all believe. It’s not the Confederate Flags fault? It’s not anyone else’s fault but your own! And even though President Obama and his Administration of Democratic phony’s believe that it’s the plight of the disadvantaged minority, which makes people act this way. These governmental phony’s/hags are using your ignorance against you! They are giving you a false sense of empowerment! Why? To bring you down even further. To create even more racism against you!

I am a minority! Even when I was in school, because of the brownness of my Hispanic skin. School Officials taught me; that I was and would always be less than then everyone else. Something which wasn’t a fact! Which wasn’t true! Still a white teacher pimped that idea to me when I was a child. While placing it in my head for years, so I’d stay stupid! Stay doing the wrong things! While blaming everyone else for all of my problems? Rather than facing those problems myself! Believing that type of hype made my life so much worse. It’s a type of hype that was and still is in my community today. A hype about how women were and would continue to be, throughout American history, less than men. Something which exists today.


Most men in America have a PIMP type of mentality about women. Even a lot of the gay men feel superior towards many different women. They believe that every woman must bow down permanently to men? While women in America are believed to be things that can be used as play things. While not being viewed as real people. It’s everywhere, and pro-abortion rights, add to that abuse. Every man knows that they can simply take their parking lot girlfriends, for their junk — to the doctor when said boyfriend carelessly ejaculates inside her. Using her like a prison condom…expecting her to take care of his tragedy? A tragedy which is his own sperm. Under the title creation for IDIOTS!

Still let’s make things worse for the races in America, lets take away the names of Schools in Long Beach, because they have Confederate Names? Then lets rename them something ethnic? As if that will take away the years and years of racism against us? Giving the powerless power, does not equal real power, or real justice either. All it does is give these powerless-masses a false sense of the thing which they’ve coveted, and craved for years. While snatching it mindlessly away from them, and that thing is called; “control and power!” Are you one of those that are joined to a phony group; groups that say; “it’s for the rights of Hispanics and Blacks?” Take a good look around you, you dullards! You’re being used, by your own insecurities about superiority.

We are no better off than we were when blacks were slaves, and Hispanics were picking fruit in the fields!

The 1% sees everyone, including most poverty-stricken whites, as the underclass of Americans as well. But you think that you have real “POWER?” Really? Lets look at an example. Say like on Fox News and other News Programs. Ask yourself this; “have you ever seen anyone dress like a person who’s not rich on those shows?” So if you think any of the people in entertainment, in government, or in the Media, and on most T.V News Programs, care about you; “you had better have a “wake the F up moment!” Seriously! All they care about are their Sponsors, and if your tragedy will make them MAD-MONEY! Ditto goes for most working in government.

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If any of these rich snobs had our backs? They’d be protesting against President Obama, and the governmental hacks, who refused to fly the flag at half-mast for the 5 fallen Marines. Marines who were MURDERED, by a crazed RADICAL ISLAMIST last week. Yet where were any of the governmental heads who call themselves the Obama Administration? No! They were too busy driving their expensive sports cars? While counting the money in their Bank Accounts. Way to busy to be bothered with the killings of Marines..? Yet a better question is; “where the hell were you?” Oh I forgot? A member of the Military has to be Hispanic or Black to protect your behinds? Right? Who cares about race at a time like this? Let’s keep it real! The Radical Islamist’s in America are using your racial-causes as cover, for their terrorist activities, and you’ve allowed that; “way to go America!”

I really want to see Cowards that feel that they can change everything about America — holding a rifle to protect American lives.

Do you think President Obama would stand like a true leader, alongside the men and women in the Military, and go into battle with them? If you do; “get real!”  Would anyone in the congress do that? Hell no they wouldn’t! Would anyone in the Senate do that? Hell no they wouldn’t! Still all the wars that these arrogant-assholes have started, and not one of these douchebags in Washington today will stand and fight in them. And not one would willingly stand in front of a bullet to save an Americans life. Well I would because even though I’m a good person. Those 5 Marines who were killed last week, were a hell of a lot better than I am. Their tragic deaths should have been respected by our traitorous President, and his traitorous Administration!


To all the hypocritical Christians who want to put down every Prophet since Christ. God is a living God who values bravery and strength in all human beings. A strong person who will stand up and tell you the good news of actually seeing God, Christ, or the Angels in Heaven. That takes a strong person, and the hypocrites, who are famous for achieving Flag Removals, and the changes in names only. Are not the strong people who would stand up against evil. The people who God was referring to are not them. There’s still time to change. Maybe the men and women on Capitol Hill; could take a pill called “act right?” Instead of creating more racial tension today to destroy America. Then maybe they could stand up and against evil? Yeah I know I’m dreaming;  “hope and change coming to us live…right?”

On a side note; Sorry about the grammar mistakes. My Dog Peanut had to be walked.

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