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My names Jade and as of late I’ve been a Telemarketer calling and probably bugging you? Anyway I get to talk to all types of people all over California and I hate to have my God moment but; MOST CALIFORNIANS TOTALLY SUCK! Yes that’s right you heard it right here, most of you reading this are dealing with Aholes in your life today. We’re talking about people who hate others for absolutly no-reason, it’s not even a definable hatred; it’s just hate for hates sake. 

So when kids go balistic is it really surprising? I don’t think so since I had a mean friend who was turned into a Roman Candle by a crazy woman with 151 Bacardi and a Match. She was bi-racial and made fun of another black woman who then went and got her boyfriend a D.J at the Topless bar which she worked at; they came back and lit her ass up. So when the lawyers came to me in an attempt to get me to be a witness in her behalf I refused to be one, because I and everyone else knew that she had made fun of and bullied the woman who set her up and I felt that I did not want to be involved in what had happened to her because she created her own demise. Because if she would have left said woman alone and kept her big mouth shut she wouldn’t look like an Avocado. The scars are horrible. All of which could have been avoided if she would have been nicer. 

Niceness now there’s a big word for most of you reading this; how many of you have been nice to someone today?

Hey don’t answer all at one time…… No, really we complain all the time about how we have to be so TOLERANT of others, but what about being nice to people. It’s really missing here in California, because there are way to many  SNOBS living here. You heard me say it out-loud I said SNOBS! I’m anger typing right now, because everywhere I go I try being nice to people…and if it’s in my hometown like today when I went to the Movies half the time when I speak to people they won’t even recognize my existence. Has anyone ever tried talking to someone you didn’t know and they were so stuck-up and conceded that they refused to even say anything back to you, as if you were standing there and talking to yourself. 

Now, I can only imagine how bad it is for kids going to school, in my next book I blame video games but I think I’ll be adding this little fact too. That people are rude as hell in our times. I mean if you ask someone are going to see the same Movie as them and they can’t even talk back to you and act like you didn’t even speak because they have to know you to even recognize your existence as if there freaking Gods or something…that would piss anyone off. And I can only imagine how bad it must have been for the kid who went and shot 10 kids. Unlike me, these poor kids have to put up with Aholes who raise their kids because these f-tards had a kid with them who wouldn’t recognize my existence either, and I don’t think I’m the only one that she treats like shit either. I’m not going to use pious language because we act like ANIMALS to one another and my language is part of my anger. 

Does it make me angry to be ignored when I’m trying to be nice to the local fat fucks infront of or sitting next to me? People who are so fat that they can’t even fit in your local Movie Seating, because if that Fat fuck had sat next to me I wouldn’t have been able to grab my soda because He would of knocked it over with His big fat Arm…and this soon to be 600 pound biggest loser can’t speak to me? Well, as I say with all the other Nazi F*cks on the phone who start screaming who are you and you can’t call me at me; Who the F are they? Seriously I really want anyone who treats other people like trash because they think that they are so much better than everyone to send me a freaking email explaining to me what makes you better than everyone else you, selfish, hypocritical, dimwitted, fool!

Don’t get me started on a tirade but I’m tired of taking these phony assholes B.S. They say you can’t cuss, you can’t smoke, you can’t do this that and the other thing but they treat others with such disrespect that when their kids all get shot one after the other these delusional A-holes can’t figure out why it happened. Entitled under; you should have been nicer! See, here’s the horrible truth for you idiots out there who are to scared to breath and speak with people because you think everyone but you is crazy. When you single out someone and you speak harshly to Him or Her, and one day they crack and gun you down or throw Booze on you and turn you into a Roman Candle. Here’s some advice; “don’t be surprised when you or your kids wind up in intensive care or DEAD!”

I’ve been just like you have until a homeless man killed himself right in front of me because I spoke harshly to him. He jumped in front of car and was hit once and then He was hit by another car going the opposite way the care that Hit Him picked Him up and drove off probably dumping Him off in front of a Hospital. But the point is; “I COULD HAVE BEEN NICER!”

Now I heard from he grape vine that the Kid who killed 10 in Texas had been bullied because they said He smelled bad…and now 10 are dead. Wow, I wonder if it would have happened if those same kids would have left him alone. I’m not defending this moron, but people really need to stop being such conceded A-holes. Are you the king or queen of England, then why are you acting like such SNOBS? I didn’t know that credit-card debt and debt on your Mortgages and Homes, and Bills and other things entitled people to be SNOBS. It’s so bad in California that even freaking strippers and Porn Stars are SNOBS….? And I’m willing to bet that some Prostitutes are snobs as well. People who have part time jobs shoveling shit should really nix the attitude, but if you do have a good job and aren’t living in poverty; then you should really be nice and teach your snot nosed brats to be nice too. 

Here’s why a rich man and a poor man, a fool and a wise man, a criminal and a saint are all the same and should all learn to be nice; and their status doesn’t matter because they are all going to DIE! And you might as well brighten the days of others instead of being out of control assholes. 

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