Daniel Radcliffe Somehow Became Hollywood’s Weirdest Actor—and Its Most Normal Celebrity

Anthony Harvey

The thing about telling people you’re going to interview Daniel Radcliffe is that everyone, from journalists who have interviewed him to producers who have worked with him to fans who have accosted him for a selfie on the street, says that he is the nicest celebrity you will ever meet.

He did nothing to refute that open secret—how lovely for Hollywood to finally have a positive one—when we met in New York City to discuss his next project, the high-concept TBS comedy series Miracle Workers.

There’s a prodigious amount of energy coiled into the actor’s small frame as he barrels—always thoughtfully!—through questions about his religious beliefs, the Trump administration, his controversial comments about Tom Brady, and his eclectic résumé, all without batting an eye. In hindsight, that latter point is remarkable considering the absurd number of times, I realized when going back through our transcript, that I called him weird to his face.

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