Executive Overreach and the RIGHT to Life?

By Jade McLove

Wow, did you hear about what happened to David Daleiden? You know? The director of the Center for Medical Progress? Well, he’s facing a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count related to buying human tissue. What? He’ was just doing what any NORMAL Reporter would do. It’s called investigative reporting. You know? Reporting!

Still he’s not the only one, who’s in the same predicament through executive overreach, because of the long arms of the friends of President Obama, like Planed Parenthood. It looks as if, Sandra Merritt, one of Daleiden’s employees, was also indicted on a charge of tampering with a governmental record. Tampering?

What about the legal rights of all the UNBORN PEOPLE who Planed Parenthood has continued to MURDER, and now are dissecting still beating hearts of aborted full term babies. That’s what I’ve heard that these BUTCHERS at planed Parenthood do. Who often times don’t even wait for the aborted fetus (human-being) to take it’s last breath before chopping it up…to sell those body parts at top $$$ dollar prices, “to the highest bidder!” Or to the person with the power to wine and dine the fetuses from the Planed Parenthood facilities CEO’s to the monsters who need such practices, to achieve some such test result, or scientific result.

Still, lets get real! Planed Parenthood, which our government gave a group of Homicidal Maniacs, the ability to destroy unborn American Citizens. First that unborn fetus is a human being, and 2nd he or she is an American citizen! People who could have grown up to become our next Savior, Hero, or Soldier, if they would have been given the; “God given right to life!” There is a place for everyone of us in this world, and even if stupid Planed Parenthood Activist’s, and the staff, people who pocket their rent money from the brutal murder of UNBORN BABIES! It has to be said, that those Activists, writers, video makers who can coerce the Con Men and Women of Planed Parenthood, (people who work to kill the unborn) into telling the truth. How the HELL, can that be something that any court, lawyer, or representative of any law-force, is then able to prosecute said individual. An individual who simply told the truth, or discovered it, or coerced said killing liars at Planed Parenthood into telling the truth. Why are we the American people not writing, coercing, and screaming at the top of our lungs, at the people who continuously promote, condone, and contribute to the open killing of the unborn future generations of Americans. The unborn who eventually become the next generation after us.

Maybe you don’t have a problem with millions of unborn babies being eradicated off the face of the Planet? But think about this. Most of those unborn babies, are of mixed race, ethnic, or black. Yet, do you hear the liberal group Black Lives Matters screaming at the top or their lungs, in-front of any Planed Parenthood’s? While screaming for the bloodshed of innocent unborn black babies to end? When most Planed Parenthood’s, are placed directly in the poorest of neighborhoods Nationwide. Neighborhoods which President Obama never visits!

Oh, and speaking of the hypocrite and Chief who allows Planed Parenthood’s legal team to go after the creator and an employee of the Anti Abortion video on YouTube which went viral and winded up on the National News. Yet President Obama, whose legacy is going to be how he persecuted the JUST, “while treating the Unjust as victims?” That makes sense right? Well his Executive overreach, which knows no bounds, is blowing up in his face today! When many of the States in America, who have been forced to take in all those illegal Aliens have sued President Obama and it’s gone all the way to the Supreme Court.

Illegals, which he believes America has been wronging for years, because those States wanted to enforce their immigration laws, by deporting their behinds back to their homelands. So the States took President Obama to Court, and his executive overreach, into the lifes of the people he’s destroying, “which are American citizens, via unborn American citizens!” The living Citizens, are being boondoggled, out of having a decent life!

Well at least in the later, “you’ve at-least had the opportunity to take your first breath!” How can the American Constitution be correct, when just like in Slavery, when whites who wrote the Constitution, forgot that Blacks weren’t property and were human, and had the same rights under the Constitution like everyone else has. Our same government, has forgotten about the clause in the Constitution to the “RIGHT TO LIFE!” What about that? Plus, our members in the House, the Senate, and in Congress, or most, have forgotten that anytime we forget the weakest members in our society. Meaning the voices of the unborn, little ones who can not protect themselves, from their brutal murders in a Planed Parenthood Facility in cities Nationwide. They must realize that the Constitution, “is still null and void! Because “we the people” aren’t protecting our Unborn Citizens, “citizens of futures to come!” And with out all of the members of any society, such murderous acts called Abortions, make said society weaker.

Here’s some of the facts regarding President Obama’s executive overreach on a site called the Huffington Post it reads in a post called “Supreme Court will Rule on Obama’s Emigration Policy Before 2016 Election” and it reads; But the court added an unexpected wrinkle when it agreed to hear the case: “It asked the federal government and the states suing it to address whether the executive actions on immigration violate the Constitution’s take care clause — an issue that was not definitively decided by lower courts that have ruled on the case. This means lawyers for both sides will essentially have to argue whether Obama’s decision to defer deportation is an abdication of his duties as chief executive. This unprompted move by the justices turns the case into a potential constitutional showdown — alongside others the court has heard or will hear on hot-button issues such as abortion, affirmative action, voting rights and the fate of public-sector unions. Under the court’s rules, the case is likely to be heard in April, with a decision expected by the end of June — in time to galvanize advocates and opponents of immigration reform and to add further fuel to the presidential election.”

While being as hypocritical and unjust, as the Slaver’s who were in office in George Washington’s day’s. Then we have the Wolf President in Sheep’s clothing, “who says he comes in peace?? Or did he mean all the pieces that he allowed to be sold to the highest bidder from planed parenthood? He claims that he’s down for all those immigrants, but yet he’s OK for all their adult immigrant children, to abort their fetus/future American Citizen? While allowing their parents to stay here illegally. Probably so that Planed Parenthood, can stuff even more money into their Pockets, from his Executive overreach, by allowing Planed Parenthood’s legal team, and state Officials in Texas, to legally harass David Daleiden and his employee for using fake ID’s, to trick Planed Parenthood officials into telling the truth! And now he faces legal action which could take years, and imprisonment, “all for simply telling American’s the truth about what Planed Parenthood was doing with dead fetus tissue!” Something which Planed Parenthood says is, “a bold faced lie?” Should a man who’s fighting for the rights of the unborn, have his computers, and personal belongings taken by Texas Lawmakers  — who probably have their hands covered in the blood flowing from Planed Parenthood’s walls as well?

This is a sad day for America when a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing calling himself our President, can use his Executive Pen, and His executive power, to protect the Criminal Agency called Planed Parenthood. An Abortion Clinic who gave his campaign millions in contributions. What a surprise? Is it a surprise that the Obama Administration, and all of His latchkeys, “would willingly support the persecution of an innocent man named David Daleidon?” And his crime? He told the American people, of the butchery of Planed Parenthood’s dissections, of all those unborn American Citizens. Future people, who should be protected under the Constitution, because a life is a life, “NO MATER HOW SMALL!”

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