From WITHin and WITHout through CHRIST!


There is an aspect that keeps rearing its ugly head within and without the world, and that ugly aspect — is “DISBELIEVE”!

We rarely believe “anything”! We could be looking directly into the eye of the tornado while siting there and then say; that’s not a tornado, you’re lying? Some of us will be waiting for that very tornado to touchdown on our foreheads, before we do anything about it.

Jesus helped people threw his selfsacrifice — an act that “gave forgiveness” to mankind and the world. Although how many people today are willing to make even the smallest of sacrifices to help another human being?

We hear that today in Egypt a group of the “unjust” who call themselves the Muslim Brotherhood…went around killing Christians “at will”! While burning churches, hanging people — along with other horrible acts. I even heard about an “unjust” radical Muslim in the U.S, killing a Christian by cutting his head and arms off; that’s crazy, but “not one” devote Christian is stepping up to tell these “UNJUST” radical Muslims to stop persecuting Christians! Do you think any person who limply calls themselves a “TRUE” Christian did anything to stop that crazy man? Sad to say it but they where all too scared for their own lives to help anyone.

Why didn’t any man or woman “throw something” at that murdering monster?

I’ll tell you why — it’s because they really believe that the only Christian, and the last Christians that had to sacrifice anything, was Jesus Christ or the early Roman Christians! Now that that’s done; “no-one” has to care about other Christians whom are spread sporadically threw out the entire world. Otherwise the Christian stance of standing by and allowing murderous “unjust” radical Muslims along with the “unjust” radical Muslim Brotherhood to murder other Christians would be stopped!

All of which say’s loudly — that the followers of today’s Christianity are only Christians in name sake only! So they only have to attend church to earn their forgiveness and really don’t care what happens to any other practicing Christian anywhere else. Or maybe many are really just “cowards” who fear uneducated unjust radical muslim mobs with guns? Maybe they don’t really believe in Jesus Christ, or God, and don’t understand what the responsibility being a true follower of Christ is?

Christians should stand “arm to arm” while banning together to “stop” the radical Muslim Brotherhood from persecuting other Christians around the world!

We should be screaming in their “faces” while throwing stones at them; while telling them that their backward “believe system” of attacking Christians is “wrong”, and won’t be tolerated in our CHRISTIAN world!

Christianity is a real religion and the only one where the son of God Jesus Christ gave Christians the will to fight and die for their believes! And the reality is “Christians” have been dying and fighting longer and harder for what they have believed in than any other religion, and even longer then the radical Muslims “unjust” religion. Why? Because Christianity is worth “fighting” and “dying” for!

So what happened has the Catholic Diocese in Rome forgotten that Christians are part of their church too! And that every Christian that dies by the hands of one of these radical Muslims, is one Christian too many, and Radical Muslims are the enemies of the Catholic Church too!

Jesus died for our sins, so that we wouldn’t have too — we “must help” any Christian any where that is being “persecuted” and “murdered” by any radical “unjust” Muslim!

Jesus gave us faith and forgiveness, but God made us “strong” and “undefeatable”!

If we stand together and fight the radical Muslims along with the Muslim Brotherhood; with the truth that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Along with our prayers to God to end their tyrannical reign in the Middle East. Our resistance to their violence and hate will be rewarded here on Earth like it will be in Heaven!

That’s when the radical Muslims injustice in whatever part of the world it occurs in, will be  defeated threw GODS will! God hates the “radical Muslims” and wants to see them defeated wherever they seek refuge — they can not find refuge from Gods rath which will be delivered on their heads!

Every Christian in the world today has a “moral obligation” to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to fight to protect Christianity against the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam! We can and will defeat the “unjust” radical Muslims where they stand, so let them run and hide, and try hiding from us and God — because we and God will find them!

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