Getting Your Game On when Deciding on Assisted Suicide!

By God Loves You

assisted-suicide_mediumAssisted suicide seems to be the way of the COWARD…well I can’t commit suicide on my own, so I have to have some poor sucker help me in my ultimate sin! which will condemn that person to an eternity in HELL! I’m not one of those suck up Christians! I despise them! they are lukewarm, like rust filled water…they don’t want to stir the pot, even though that stirring would save the souls they claim to love so much? “COWARDS!” the whole lot of lukewarm Christians! but when the nonsense makers keep trying to convince a “loyal follower of God!” that “we” have the right to commit suicide, if I could reach through the screen, to smack them I would.

I love how in America, almost every Cancer Patient feels, like they are the only ones dying from cancer? Really? It’s a sickness to believe that the entire world only consists of you…now that’s how selfish people really are! It’s all, them, them, them, all of the time. So when these same types of emotional jack-offs get cancer, they really believe, that because they were born in America; that they where given choices to decide what we want with our lives? and that they can decide when and how to commit an assisted suicide? With the erroneous believe behind this being; that since God gave us the choices in America, that he also gave us the choice or right to commit suicide? in the event that we become terminally ill. I have one question; “did anyone ever actually hear God say, or see anything written in the Bible, that says God is OK with a person who is terminally ill committing suicide?”

But here’s some of what it does say as seen on

In Deuteronomy 30:9-20, you can hear the heart of God crying out for his people to choose life:

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! You can make this choice by loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and committing yourself firmly to him. This is the key to your life…” (NLT)

A man named Scott commented on Facebook;

I have never witnessed or know anyone who has witnessed a miracle. I have witnessed excruciating pain which should never be forced on anyone. Choice is a right humans have been given by God. He doesn’t give animals that right as predators solve that problem. Humans do not have natural predators that cull the sick and injured. So in essence God has given this decision to us and no one should be denied this right.

Doesn’t that comment make you sick? this ding-dong has put the entire human race on the same plate with lowly predators, and other animals; “why?” In America a “spiritual ignorance” has lead to all types of blasphemies being spoken as truths in the name of God. Yet most in America only see God as a spiritual concept…kind of like how they believe that Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny doesn’t really exist. Yet these types of people, some of whom call themselves Christians, all are faithless, and don’t really believe that God is real…why? It’s like the further we come with technology, and medicine, and science, the farther away we grow from God…and I really wonder why?

The picture below is of a Facebook Friend who is in the 3rd stage of Cancer, and was attacked over the Thanksgiving day Holiday and has no desire to end her life. Post by Oshan King.

10415575_323707577814331_1706191217393684501_nThis was my answer to Scott;

My dad’s friend, she has survived, cancer twice! and she doesn’t even have insurance. She really is a true believer in God! It’s amazing…cancer of the blood – Leukemia and some other cancer and she is still alive. It was amazing all though we worry, that it will come back, all the time. I’m so glad that Gloria is still with us! And if that’s not a miracle, then I’m not sure what is? Animals don’t have the spark of life which God has created within us. We could never be on the same level as animals, that’s why we are here to protect Gods creatures. Anyway being killed by an animal, just like with any suicide or the “going before you time method” can always go wrong.

The animal or the human might not die right away. Like my dads friend who committed suicide by using a small caliber bullet…he lingered in pain for hours. Please don’t use God’s name in something as erroneous as assisted suicide! you can make up your own mind to go to hell, but don’t condemn everyone else to it! God gave us the will to LIVE! only our own weakness…has given us an excuse to take the easy way out. With Satan rubbing his hands while saying: “go ahead believe that assisted suicide!” which was; “a decision given by God and that no one should be denied that right? You’re nuts!” I’m not mad at you, and I’m not trying to convince you, that you should convert or anything. But I’ve had a lot of dreams about Heaven; “and Heaven is real!” Why me? probably because I was almost killed twice by strangulation, and survived both time “praise God!” but I wouldn’t want to see you or anyone get tricked out of Heaven! because it’s real, and it’s really wonderful. Suicide no matter the reason, or how great of an idea it seemed like…gets you locked out of Heaven for eternity. Dying really isn’t that bad, God never lets anyone suffer in agony for too long; you go into shock and then you fade away…I don’t even believe you feel yourself not breathing, and then you wake up, on the other side guided by your dead relatives, who are desperately waiting for you. Why would you or anyone want to miss out on eternity?
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Jade McLove; Scott you’re wrong! Did you get to pick the day you were born on? Did you get to pick when you were created? Do you even know whose likeness you are created in? You believe that you are a God! but you are not! God created you! and only God has the right to decide when his creation checks out! Choice is a “word” that crazy liberals created! Not everything is up for choice! Suicide is not up for “choice!” God did NOT give you that option! sorry! Stop speaking blasphemies to the entire world…do me and the entire WORLD a favor and shut the hell up! If you want to go to hell! than when you get cancer go and commit suicide, and then tell God why you believed you had a choice? I dare you! I sure as hell don’t want anyone as ignorant to God’s laws like you in Heaven. So go ahead and commit assisted suicide and just see what happens. What? So now were on the same level as ANIMALS? You are retarded? So we should let the sick be killed by animals? or because animals can’t kill the sick, we should assist the sick, with assisted suicide? You’re a moron! No! GOD has denied us that right! your sick in the head, for spreading lies like this to the entire world! You’re assisting in people being sent straight to hell, and you had better get right with God! because the law you’re breaking by helping to spread these blasphemies will kill any chance you have of seeing eternity, which is FOREVER! In the game show of life you will be the “ultimate loser” for helping an out of control government help Eugenics along. Something which killed millions in Nazi Germany! Have you ever heard of a repeat? then you had better do a Google fact check on Nazi Germany; when they killed the sick, deformed, and mentally challenged people! Moron!

In the end do you really believe that the liberal lefts condemning comments towards what he thought God wanted is right? I have met God in a dream, and you really need to be careful, when you utter, what you think you believe God wants! He is “all powerful” really! I had no fear of him, but that doesn’t mean, that he is not all powerful, and doesn’t grow impatient, and angry with the entire-human-race for their stupid believes about what God wants regarding Assisted Suicide and suicide Bombings! if it has a suicide in it it’s wrong! When mankind and America keeps uttering one blasphemy after another! Leading people away from righteousness, and into the darkness of lies, and through the gates of Hell! For what? through our own ignorance, they keep pushing the envelope, to bring about Armageddon.

Now Eugenics has been a alive an well, long before Nazi Germany even started using it, it was first used in America in the 1800’s, because the Darwinian freaks back then, thought that tying the tubes of women who suffered from insanity: “was the right thing to do?” Because even back then, the Rockefeller’s and other notoriously famous and rich families in America, had this Eugenics idea in mind; that if you were inferior in some way, either through poverty, mental illness, or because of a Health Issue, that you could be euthanize’d or sterilized. Why? Because they (meaning the super rich) believe they have the powers of God’s to decide life and death to poor people around the world —- and just who should be allowed to live and die in America? they’ll decide if we let them. They didn’t really enact these practices back then, but they have really taken off in America and around the world in 2014, through the use of forced sterilizations, disguised as vaccinations in certain African countries, and in some American prisons using forced sterilizations, or through some states use of Assisted Suicide. Something that really took hold in Hitlers dream world, of a 3rd Reich which was killed when he was defeated! but it’s alive and well again today, through the use of Assisted suicide, and forced sterilizations, and a lot of ignorant Americans believe the lies they’re being told about Eugenics. Remember the Nazis started their killings, by killing the sick, crazy, and mentally challenged first! and then they worked their way up to who they claimed was an inferior race…the Jewish people. Who do you think the 30,000 guillotines are for?

What’s to stop our government once Assisted Suicide really gets started from killing everyone? Whats to stop them from making forced sterilization a law as well, or worse creating death camps? How could we ever trust an out of control government that condones assisted suicide? A saying that was read over the wooden thrown of a false prophet in Jones-town which read; “those that forget the past are DOOMED to repeat it!” Is America doomed? time will tell, but Assisted Suicide is wrong! No matter if other countries are wrong in using it! It’s wrong even if you have compassion for the victims of it! It’s wrong in God’s eyes! and if you call yourself a true follower of Christ it should be wrong for you too!

And the last scripture I found about God’s love for us, might help you make the right decision regarding assisted suicide.

From Paul made it plain in Romans 8:38-39 that nothing can separate us from God’s love:

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. (NLT)

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