Globalist Madness has Taken Over America — heading America towards Death Camps!

By Jade McLove

Have you ever wondered what would happen, “if you woke up one day a slave?” No you haven’t! And neither has most Americans. Just think about what life would be like, “without any of our freedoms.” Well, there are some really big Satanic, New World Order, creeps, who would be bitch-slapped by George Washington, if he were ever to come back to life.

I don’t know what fairy-cruze the A-holes who are in power came in on? But most of those idiots, forgot that people pay their way in Washington through their Taxes. And those people who pay for them to stay in power are the American people! They aren’t the Saudi Arabians, they aren’t the Middle-Eastern, Radical Islamist freaks, who cry foul every time someone calls them out on their B.S quotes of religious persecution. Oh, and this country isn’t being paid for buy the LBGT”Y?” or whatever, random lettered organization, that represents GAY might be out there right now. This group of LBGT whatever People, are promoting the welfare of the perverse, to the 10th level. And we’re all supposed to go, “I love living in America?”

No! America wasn’t created by the brain-washed Liberals, who are being used by our Marxist, Communist lobbying President, President Obama. Who’s been indoctrinating our youth, to stand down, with his one person version of being PC. Or never standing up for, any of your rights, so that when his parties communist boot cracks down on all of the stupid Liberals heads. They’ll be too scared and whipped, to stop any of it. While they’ll cry please shoot me in the head, because I really don’t want to “rock the Boat…?”

Yet, if a man commits suicide, while trying to convince all of the American D*ck Heads, who are too stupid with Peanut butter stuck in their mouths to be able to say anything against any of President Obama’s executive orders. So that you can’t understand a word that they are saying anyway. Like what they may say with, “oh, but we won’t believe a guy who was despreftaly trying to warn us, of the next Holocaust, because he was just crazy and theres no proof…?” Does anyone ever do a fact check anymore, about the last Holocaust?

Well have you? Hey! Guess what? The Nazis didn’t let their victims know they were going to kill them either. So this is why I really believe, that most people who live in America are stupid, because they know that another Holocaust is a 100% probable! Especially when crazy radical Marxists, who are power crazy never are checked by the law. People who believe that American Exceptionalism a crime…? No! Those same radical marxists would never want to kill anyone, who didn’t agree with there stupid EPA agenda 21 loving idea…? All to save the Cactus over people in California, “or some stupid frog somewhere? Because we all know how important that unimportant shit is…right?” All because some poor S.O.B had a dried up lake-bed on their ranch, which was just an excuse for our FEDERAL-GOVERNMENT. Which is using the EPA to steal innocent peoples land, and they’ve been doing that, for the last couple of years. While you were busy eating Twinkie’s in front of your T.V, while smoking Pot or Crack, or while you were picking your nose, or googling over your fat wife…? Hey, it’s just you being murdered right, it’s really not that important.

While President Obama or Mr. I write Executive Actions, has passed a law in case the financial system completely collapses. As he rubes his evil hands together and laughs his evil Satanic laugh; “BLAH HA HA HA! I will write an Executive Action that will kill them all.” As if that’s not the dumbest, biggest waste of life, and resources ever! Haven’t any of the Globalist Morons done a fact check in regards to why Hitler lost the war…? He lost, because he didn’t have enough resources, because it expels resources, to kill innocent people. When there is absolutely no reason, why the Nazis did that evil B.S! Oh, and killing thousands of thousands of people, “is such a great way to deal with the dollar collapsing…right?” Yet, it’s all true, and Executive Action 16303 is on the books, in the freedom loving, or what used to be our freedom loving America. All to turn the American’s into slaves, while starving everyone else, or simply killing them all. This is when I have to say, because I’ve said it before a thousands times, “EVIL IS STUPID!”

Who is going to save us from the Communists in Liberals clothes? Tell me who? So to all the idiots who can’t believe that our own government would kill us. Why don’t you ask all the victims of the Holocaust, how they felt when they never believed, that their government could kill them…oh, that’s right!? Most of them are dead! And one man who escaped the death camps, who tried warning the future victims of the Death Camps, and of their slavery, an atrocity that killed thousands upon thousands of Holocaust victims. They told that man who tried warning them, that he was crazy and asked; “why would our own people kill us?” Why? My best answer is because they wanted to kill them! And the Jewish people who lived there in Europe at that time, weren’t paying attention to the danger that they were in, “and they were brutally murdered!” YES liberal IDIOTS, you’ll be first, because after the radical Marxist and chief, does it himself or continues on with his deceit to the American people though Hillary Clinton. It will be too late to stop it. After-which, the Liberals will be the Marxists worst enemies for betraying their trust. Which will be another repeat in history, just like what happened in the U.S.S.R, but in the U.S.S.R, they only used the Liberals to destabilize their country towards Communism. And they had no real intention of ever keeping any Liberal there alive, but had every intention, of killing every one of them, “with a bullet to the head!” But you can scream the truth to a radicalized liberal and they would never listen…sad!

So while the stupid radical liberals, believe that because they’re in cahoots with the Marxists, in the clothes of Liberals in Congress, senate, and as President or the next liberal President. They’ll wake up one day with one of the thousands of Hollow Point bullets shot in their heads which the Federal Government purchased. All to be able to put a Boot on every American citizens Face. To make the American’s into slaves and free Military servants (meaning slaves) to fight in a globalist-war for a one world Government through their stupid and silly socialist causes. And while the Pope will smile his carnivorous, flesh eating smile, for the next Satanic ritual that happens. All to abduct and rape more children in the name of Jesus Christ.

Here you sit giving these evil S.O.B’s even more power…? And that goes for Google, FaceBook, and Microsoft, and many of the other followers of the Marxist regime in America today, “they with the radical liberals will be shot by the Marxist who will take over the government! Whatever happened to hanging people, “just for coming up with any evil plan to kill millions of people?” I mean think about it, we call a person who wants to blow up one Plane a Terrorist, but when there’s a plan in the works to open FEMA Camps/Death Camps all around America, with proof and laws on the books. That support such radical secret plans, to topple America, and put to death like in the U.S.S.R — anyone who isn’t a true Communist, or who they deem a threat to National Security; “NOBODY DOES A DAMN THING AOBUT IT?” While one man committed suicide because he could no-longer live with the truth of all the future killings of innocent Americans, and the enslavement of any survivors. Yet people are questioning a suicide note that took this man 2 weeks prior to write? Rather than facing the ugly truth that maybe, just maybe our Federal Government has plans to kill millions if the dollar collapses.

Still, how many people do we know, “would never believe any of it?” And how many victims of the Holocaust didn’t lift one finger against Hitler, and went willingly without a fight, because all of their weapons had been taken from them. So those poor victims, didn’t even have a bullet to through at the Nazis! Why do you think, the radical communist liberal element, in the Federal Government today, want’s so desperately to take your guns away? It isn’t to keep you safer!” I’m not trying to scare the hell out of you, but if someone is trying to take your life, you had better have more than a couple of Bullets! And more than a couple of guns to protect yourself and your family from an out of control on crack Federal Government. Who has plans on being worse than Hitler himself!

OR you and I could become the next victims of a Great American Holocaust, “even if you think it’s total B.S, “what if it’s not?” By the time you realize the truth, “it will be too late!” Meanwhile, more and more people, are willing to lay down every right that they have, in the name of “good for the people?” Sometimes the most evilest acts have been done in the name of good. Well that’s not my good! Be very wary of people who are claiming to be doing things for your best interest. When they don’t even know you! We aren’t 5 year old’s people! Seriously! It’s time to put your adult hat on, “and take the power back!”

I’ve been labeled a terrorist, or I’m on some stupid, hit list somewhere. But if I can save one person by telling them the truth, about an out of control Federal Government. A Federal Government, who cares more about the Californian Sage Brush, then they do about the Homeless, because we have to save the weeds in California, by controlling the population growth to just under 6 million people. And if that’s not crazy talk? Then I’m not sure what is, but there are so many brain washed, silly, stupid, liberals in the world today. Liberals who want to heard people in all countries into mass prison styled, Agenda 21 Apartments. All to control everything you are, where you live, what you drive, and where you can go. The Federal government, wants to see all of us as slaves, “ALL OF US!” Me, you, your sister, and everyone else we know, as salves to the environment. Which is really stupid, because the world has been trying to kill most of the world’s population, ever since the beginning of time, and still is trying to kill everyone everywhere, “but it’s all our fault?” So how stupid is all of this in our eyes and Gods eyes?

There was one last thing, now there is a site for all those poor Pedophiles, and how we should feel sorry for them, because they love little girls and boys as young as 5 years of age. Do you feel sorry for sick perverts? Well that’s what you get, when any four letter non-word agency. Is claiming to protect the rights of freaks. Freaks that practice beastiality with other men (gay men)! Oh, and sick freaks who wear women’s clothes, who need to use women Bathrooms. So now there is a movement of sick Perv’s, who want “Americans” to feel sorry for their child molesting tendencies. See, that’s where it starts! It starts when killers, Satanists, and Perverts run the government, and the Churches in America, and around the rest of the world! No-one! Not even our own kids are safe from the Globalists madness!

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