God is NOT an Alien!


By God Loves You

So every time I watch the History Chanel they have some Puke saying that God is an Alien?

Look, douche bags in the science world, God created himself, and he created the Aliens, that you claim he is as one of. From the darkness came God’s light and God was, then God created the Universe. Then God created the Planets. After which he created the Earth! First came the Dinosaurs, after which he destroyed them. God created man from the MUD when he said; “rise! And they rose!” Why is that so hard for so many people to believe?

So is it really that “scary?” or hard for you, to believe that everything in the world, was created by God?

It’s like you either have the over the top “crazy” believers…killing people or themselves; “in the name of God?”

On a lighter note; I just bought 2 more ancient Egyptian seals, and the seller gave me some Egyptian turquoise beads. Beads which I just bought gold beading-wire, which I’m going to use, to make a necklace out of with those beads. Just thought I share. That was my break in the action.

But God has always been and will always be and is speaking to me saying at the moment of writing this; “for I am who I am!” Is how he puts it? So why do human beings need to make their beliefs of me (their God any harder than it needs to be?) Why do you either not believe in “me?” or are such crazy, psychotic believers. That you’re willing to end your own lives or anyone else’s over “me?” When you don’t even know who “I” am? You don’t even know, if what you have been taught about “me,” is correct. And you have really never had a relationship with “me?” So why do you throw your mortal souls away, over any belief which might be nothing more than lies?

God went on to say; you don’t cherish the life I gave you! You don’t cherish the children I begot you! You don’t cherish your parents! You don’t even cherish your loved ones! You cheapen “me” through your false belief of me. Never seeking me out for yourselves! I God don’t make mistakes! I never have! I don’t make bad people! People make themselves bad! They ruin my likeness…they ruin the life I give them! And they take lives! Life’s which don’t belong to them.

God then said to me; Mankind’s days are short upon the face of my world! And yet they waste those days in their petty-trifles. Time that can never be returned to them, to make right with themselves, and to make right in the life’s of others. I your God am an angry GOD! I your God have never changed, since the days of the Ancient 10 tribes of Israel! The plagues of Egypt “I” brought! If I brought those plagues to the Ancient Egyptians, for the enslavement of my people. I your God will bring them again! For I have turned my back on the Middle Eastern tribes forever, for their crimes against my chosen people. I your God chose them over all others! You have no right…to harm any of them!

Sorry about that, I have to give God his voice, he’s usually talking abruptly to me…and I can’t get my thoughts out. Till I inscribe his thoughts first. And he’s really upset with being called an Alien! How would I describe God to you; “God ‘is’ and ‘is’ very, very, self-assured.” People always miss the point, God put us here, so that he would eventually have other Gods. I mean no-one wants to be alone…right? People only see what’s here in the Lobby of life, because the reality is…that our lives aren’t even a sneeze to God. Seventy years seems like a really long time to some. Yet eternity is forever! I’m not trying to turn you out, into believing in God. Although that would make him extremely happy. And don’t you want to be pleasing to God? I’m just going to say this, because it needs to be said; “people who don’t believe in God; “aren’t very happy people!” And people who believe in God, in the wrong way, are extremely unhappy people, because they know that they are doing something wrong in their worship of him, but they refuse to be honest with themselves!”

Most of you have never heard Gods voice, have never seen him in a dream. And most, if not all of you, have never had any type of relationship, with the “real” God. That you all keep screaming that you know and love. And yet Millions of you believe that you have? How’s that? While many more of you get mad at anyone who tries telling you the truth. Why’s that?

Shouldn’t you be happy that there is someone like me, who has heard and spoken to, and has a living relationship with our real God? You know the one everyone keeps screaming about loving so much? Now my boss and his best bud, and my co-worker, talk behind my back about me being crazy? As do some of the (fill-in-the-blanks) in the office do. All I have to ask to people following this blog is; “if I’m telling you the truth, and you don’t believe me, aren’t you afraid of what God would do to you, because of that belief in your afterlife?” Especially if God is desperately trying to get his message out to his people, but because of (fill-in-the-blank)’s; he can’t! Do you really want to stand in-between God, and God’s new message! God is ever changing, always renewing, never grows old, and is desperately trying to escape from the perceptions; that a dusty Preachers, Priests and Imam’s books keep spouting off about a HIGHER BEING “I AM” or a GOD, or an Allah which they have never met. Most will never hear, and will never know! How angry do you think God might be, because of those types of people? Can you say; “very-mad?”

I’m not trying to scare you, or be a false prophet! I don’t want my “own religion?” and like living my life just the way I’ve been living it! Our-people must be saved! All the people who are faithful, mustn’t be lead down the wrong religious path. Believing in “nothing at all!” would be better than, to not know who our living God, really is today in 2015. I don’t know much about Mosses or his relationship with God, but I’m pretty sure, he would tell you the same thing; “it is easier to pick up a rock and know God, than it is to find God in any Church, Temple, or Mosque.” To really know God, you have to be brave! I mean you have to not be afraid of dying, you have to be able to stand up to your enemy’s. I’m not constantly picking fights with innocent people! Any coward can do that. To me a coward is someone who singles out people, for what they don’t agree with; “beliefs, religion, race, sexuality, and etcetera.” That’s not living in God’s light, that’s living the life of the coward.

In today’s world; the life of the coward takes all shapes and forms. It’s the inability to tell someone how you feel, without getting angry and losing you’re cool. And trust me it takes a lot of practice to get that one down. It’s the ability to stop and admit that you were wrong! It’s the ability to stop committing-acts which anger God! So if you tell me, that you don’t know, what the hell I’m talking about — I’m going to give you my special-person look. You know that look? All of us know what really pisses off God. God’s that inner voice, which most of you have turned off. That little voice that you have to be in contact with, to survive this life in 2015. You’ll really need that voice in America today. Yet it comes in handy around the rest of the world too. Look! If you listen to that inner voice, you will never make as many bad-decisions, as you’re probably currently making.

So why are you sitting there, making your knowledge of God, harder than it needs to be? You don’t have to bang-your-head on the wall! You don’t have to fast! You don’t have to light candles! You don’t have to bang your head on the floor! You don’t have to eat the body of Christ! You don’t have to drink out of any cup…you don’t! Why? Because God is deeper than any trivial act! That’s why! What you really need to do, is to learn and listen to God. I can hear him, because I listen to God…do you? Have you taken anytime out of your busy-week, or your busy-day to actually listen to what God wants? HAVE YOU DONE THAT? HAVE YOU EVER DONE THAT? If you haven’t listened to God; then can you tell me why he should listen to you? If all you ever do is complain about your days, how bad your childhood was, how bad it is for you now, and how God should help you out all the time. When you don’t ever take the time to just thank God, for everything that you do have, and that you should feel lucky, that you haven’t been killed in some tragedy somewhere today. If you don’t listen and you’re not grateful, then why should God act on your behalf?

While all the other people in the world don’t ever believe in God. They’ll be the ones closest to God, because their minds, really haven’t been dirtied by any dusty-backwards-believing religion. It’s the truth! God doesn’t want people to be slaves to Imams, Priests, Ministers, or Rabbis, or slaves to anyone else, who is claiming to speak for God. When many men in the pulpit today speak for themselves. Why? So that they can control the minds of men! Just like abusive too big to fail governments do…any Church, Mosque, or Temple, can and “has lead millions” into slavery. First it starts with religion, and then the children of God, fall in line with radical-governments. Believing that they are doing the work of God? When God has never spoken to them. They use God to accelerate their evil-plots, stealing the lives and hearts of men! Has any society been in control because of a religion? Can you say the Ancient Egyptian Priests, who led thousands-upon-thousands of Jews into slavery? All for a religion to build and die building Pyramids! They were the first to steal God’s chosen people’s life’s, along with stealing their own citizens life’s, in a religion which controlled their life’s too. It’s an especially sad fact when those types of “religious takeovers” are still occurring in many societies around the world today.

So in the end; the thought about God being an Alien? Was thought up by some very narrow sighted men! Men who are so afraid of God, and can’t get out of their own status, to give “I am” the appreciation which he deserves. For giving them their ungrateful life’s in the first place.

I don’t hate people who don’t believe in God…I just find them rather pathetic. It’s pathetic not to want to believe in a being, who can lead them out of the lobby of life, and into eternity.

Why wouldn’t you want to believe? It’s kind of stupid to me…but then “as crazy as it sounds?” I know God! I’ve seen the Angels and Heaven! I’ve seen Jesus Christ! I’ve never seen Mosses (maybe God’s still mad about him being an Egyptian thing?). I mean I haven’t seen him yet? And I’ve never seen Mohammed in any dreams! I’ve seen sitting bull, I’ve seen John F Kennedy, and I’ve seen John Lennon, Jim Morison, Jimmy Hendricks, George Harrison, and my Grandfather after he passed away. I also saw in dreams, my dead friend who committed suicide, on the News one day. Which I was unlucky enough to watch one day; “he asked me if I thought he was evil for what he had done?” I said; “no! Although I wish you wouldn’t have killed yourself!” Oh and all of the Holocaust-victim,that I’ve seen in dreams. And I almost forgot about drinking from Gods cup. That some people refer to as the; “holy grail!” A cup which gives forgiveness for every sin you did, and for the sins you will commit! I tasted the Wine which poured into the cup from the sky. It tasted like Pineapples and Coconuts! That particular dream happened in my room. Now mind you I have never really been a church goer.

Who am I? I’m not sure? I do realize that the world could be a lot better than it is today. Really we’re NOT pleasing God! Most of us are sinners, hypocrites, liars, and thieves! Most of us lie about how much they like others. Never allowing them to know the truth. Which is like stealing a person’s life, because if it takes years for a person, to know the truth…than you’ve wasted their truth and belief of you as a real friend. AND that’s the real truth! All God wants, is for you to be nice to your friends, while being nice to your neighbors. Tomorrow could be that day to start! So get started! Better late than never!

Stop lying and hurting each other! Stop all the murders in God’s name. Stop all the wars! Just stop! God will have to stop all the evil in the world! See the thing about judgment is it works like this, when God brings his wrath to the world, like he did in the times of Noah. God couldn’t stop, not killing some, he was forced to kill them all! Only when Mosses told the ancient Israelis to paint blood on their doors, when the first born Egyptians were killed, did God allow a warning. Killing only some! Although this time “no mercy” will be shown! Is that what mankind wants? For God to kill every last one of us? IS that what you want? Well if it’s not? Than every single man and woman living today; no matter their race, religion or sexual orientation, will have to come together, to make those KILLING’s in the name of God… stop!

God is SCREAMING at me right now to let you know; “I’m PATIENT but my patient’s is ending soon! STOP ALL THE KILLING IN MY NAME! NOW! OR SUFFER MY WRATH!”

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  • 03/10/2015 at 3:59 am

    I speak out against what I believe is wrong and corrupt with government and politicians. I hate war, but the only way I know to stop ISIS is killing them….even though I believe that almost plays into their hands. What is you opinion of what God wants us to do? Are we killing in God’s name for protecting lives of Christians?

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