Hillary Clinton and Her Web of Lies; "what has she done?"

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Hillary Clinton and Her Web of Lies

So she had many aliases and Email Accounts…but why?

secret-de-hillary-clintonI’m going to discuss Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails. Which are on rt.com. I’m in shock! NO not really, because I’ve known about the Clinton’s-constant-string of lies for years. Benghazi was created as a bi-product of our CIA’s constant intervention. An intervention which has been coming from the White-house via both parties! Through both the Democratic and Republican President, and obviously the CIA, was constantly utilized during the reign, of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This should concern everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican! Especially if you’re against a constant stream of unwinnable campaigns (wars) in the Middle East. These hacked emails from a hacker who calls himself “G” from a sender named Sid. Will confirm what most of you already know, which is, that both Presidents Bush and Obama have turned the America War Machine into a money making multi billion-dollar-corporation of death. Death through war which has Millions, if not Billion-dollar contracts, all going to mega corporations like Halliburton. Whose CEO’s do not hold American values as #1! Their values have more to do with those big money contracts. It’s just like our American prison planet! Where our government, and other big contract-holders, are making millions if not billions, for keeping American citizens incarcerated in prisons across America.

All of these emails came from Sources that had direct contact with the Libyan Nations Transitional Council, as well as the highest levels of European Governments, along with our Western Intelligence Security Services. This newly leaked information is on 4 letters, talking about the then Libyan President, and Benghazi..it’s a must read! Unless you want to remain stupid? It’s up to you!

On September 11, 2012 President of Libya Mohhamed Yussef el Magariaf was speaking in private, at that time with Senior Advisors, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They were discussing the attacks by protesters on U.S Missions in Tripoli and Benghazi. Anyway it looks as if Magariaf was scared of the protesters, and gave his permission on the ground, to shoot over the protestors heads…which would have killed some of the protestors. And if Hillary Clinton was OK with the then Muslim Brotherhood member/President using force on his people? What would Hillary Clinton do to American Protesters if she became President?

Sources in those Emails also tried blaming the protests on a YouTube video, which were latter proven to be a B.S reason behind those attacks. If you were smart you knew right away it was total B.S! Although the man who made the anti-Mohhamed video, was held on erroneous trump’t up charges by the Obama Administration. All I want to know is “exactly who” invented this YouTube video plot? Was it President Obama? Was it his Administration? Was it the Muslim Brotherhood members, who are embedded in the White House? Who was it? Anyway the hacked email says; that a Senior Official…had told then President Magariaf that a “sacrilege internet video” which attacked the Prophet Mohhamed by an American video maker, was the reason for the attack that day. If America could find out which Senior Official, and who came up with the erroneous YouTube video plot was, then maybe we could retrace the steps to the Benghazi attacks? And these same Senior Officials also blamed the video as the reason for the attacks in Egypt too? Yet the YouTube video scam, had been debunked, as the reason behind the attacks years ago. So who and what started the violence in Benghazi? And whose really responsible for the Ambassadors and others murders?

While the then President Magariaf was the one to state, in those hacked emails, that the Arab Spring protests where a direct result of the security situation. The security situation being a relationship which developed between Western Intelligence Services, and the regime of the former dictator Muammar al Qaddafi. So President Magariaf had a pretty good reason to believe, that something would happen to him remaining as President, because of the covert efforts of his political opponents and enemies, to directly link him to the foreign intelligence services. Something which most people in that part of the world hate! He also stated that his opponents had tried to link him to our U.S Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA). So now we know that the CIA, was and still is, behind many of the groups, calling themselves terrorists. I’ve been talking about this link, between the CIA and terrorism, for months if not years. Yet you still have a lot of STUPID Americans here who will say; “our country would never have any links to terrorism? Really?”

The then President of Libya’s opponents, claimed that there was a link to the CIA, through the National front for the Salvation of Libya. A group that was opposed to Muammar al Gaddafi. A group that the then President el Magariaf was the leader of in the 1980’s. I knew that President Obama a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, had gotten President el Magariaf the Presidency…but why? President el Magariaf then went on to say, that he believed, that if the negative publicity in Libya continued. That it would lead to the destabilization of his administration! Yet if President el Magariaf was a legitimate President, and he wasn’t an Obama Administration poster child, for the Muslim Brotherhood? Then why did he blame that YouTube video for starting the riots? Which was later found out to be a hoax, and not the reason behind the attacks in Egypt and Benghazi in the first place.

While at that same time President Magariaf commented that he was also afraid of the publicity coming from the upcoming trial of Qaddafi’s Intelligence Chief Abdullah al-Senoussi. A trial which made the Libyan public want to know more about the relationship between the CIA and British Secret Services, who are also known as the (SIS). And why they were in cahoots with Qaddafi’s Intelligence and Secret Services. These hacked emails could be placed under the title “the evil that America and Britain weave!” I have to give the populace in Libya a high five, for being smart enough to want to know, exactly why two of the biggest intelligence agencies in the world, were hand in hand with Qaddafi’s intelligence and Secret Services. Don’t you and your friends want to know exactly what type of relationship the CIA had with Qaddafi? I know that I want an explanation as to why, we would have that type of relationship, with a known dictator. A dictator who brought years of misery to the Libyan people.

Oh and here’s something new, that might not have been known? It looks as if Islamist Militia forces, had gotten a hold of the documentation, which explained the relationship, between Qaddafi and Britain’s and America’s Secret services. Qaddafi’s Libya was also driven by a group called the Human Rights Watch or the (HRW). Now this group had been trying to link Western Governments, to human rights violations, committed under the Qaddafi regime. Now the HRW claimed that Western Forces, had handed over 14 individuals, to Qaddafi’s forces. Why would the Western forces do that? When they had to know that Qaddafi would kill many of those individuals? So how embedded in evil is the CIA and British secret services?

President Magariaf was also concerned that the scrutiny, which was coming from his enemies, was going to wreck his Presidency. All of which was over his suspected links to the CIA. Especially at a time when Western Services, had been coming under attack, by the HRW and others in Libya. His administration at that time also feared, that things would grow worse for his Administration, once Qaddafi’s son Saif al Islam Qaddafi went to trial. Answering for his involvement with the old regime for crimes he had committed during the 2011 Revolution. Sources believed that both of these men; Qaddafi’s Intelligence Chief and his son, would be linked to the CIA and British Intelligence services, during their trials. Something which would effect the trust the people in Libya had for their newly elected President.

Oh! As if this situation couldn’t get any worse, the sources in these emails, also claimed, that then President el Magariaf had been working with the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet he has also been working with other Islamists groups to defuse the violent situation regarding the distrust of his Administration. I believe, he thought that by doing so, he might remain in power as President in Libya? They said that the President had been concerned of the conflict arising between Sufi Muslims and Salifists, and that he wanted to remain “impartial,” to that growing problem, while wanting to disarm the militia, and organizing his government. The sources said; “he cannot afford to lose the support of the Libyan people!” Although these religious conflicts, had been unknown during Qaddafi’s time…gees I wonder why? Because the thugs in Libya had feared him, and didn’t fear this new President.

There is also a plot twist in the Qaddafi plight…it looks as if there was also a group called the Libyan Islamist’s Fighting Group or the (LIFG). A group that was opposed and formed, because of Qaddafi’s controversial interpretations of Islam. The group latter fled Libya, to join the fight against the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. All of which was done to gain experience and training in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Meanwhile messages had been found from the CIA and the SIS, which indicated that the U.S, and Britain were eager to help capture, several Senior LIFG figures. Including the LIFG co-founders Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi.

While Prime Minister Ali Zidan and President Magariaf had discrete meetings with tribal leaders in Eastern Cyrenaica Region. Something which was agreed upon, because the Barqa Federalist Movement, was gaining strength in Libya. They would become a huge problem in 2013 if they weren’t dealt with. Meanwhile at the same time; the National Libyan Army the (NLA) Chief of Staff General Mohhamed al-Sissi, acted under instructions of Mohammed Morsi, and had taken steps (what they were is anyone’s guess?). Steps to neutralize the extreme Salfist para-military groups. While a number of those groups had already fled to Libya. According to the Libyan Commander, the Salfist fighters were comfortable in Benghazi. A place where many of them, had served with the Revolutionary Forces, against the former dictator Qaddafi. The then Libyan President and the then Prime Minister of Libya, knew that the East-West issue, had to be dealt with, before any type of stable-security-situation in the country could happen. But they had to disarm the militias in their country first. Something which obviously never happened.

Then sources in the hacked emails, on February 15, 2013 said; that Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika had instructed the Commanders of the Algerian External Intelligence Services, to provided Libyan intelligence chief, General Salim Hassi, with selected portions of the information, being passed with care. He also warned them to avoid passing any information, which might be interpreted to indicate, that the Algerian Government hadn’t been properly prepared for the attack. Bouteflika added; that they should move forward with this exchange as quickly as possible! Since the then Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan, was calling him everyday to push for greater cooperation. Particularly regarding contacts between the Mokhtar (MBM) terrorist groups, and groups and individuals already in Libya. So DSGE Officers passed on the sensitive information. While International Security forces had detained known and suspected MBM supporters around Algiers, and also informing Bouteflika’s Senior Advisers, that they wouldn’t provide the Libyans with what the email calls “worrisome reporting?” given to them by their liaison partners in the French DGSE.

Also Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails said; “they had a suspicion that the attacks in Armenas, had been done by the MBM, and was related to French operations in Mali.” As part of a growing but loosely connected, coalition of Islamist groups.” Something that was titled the; “Movement for Jihad and Unity in West Africa.” Yet President Obama won’t call these groups Islamist’s extremists…why? Both our President and Hillary Clinton had the evidence on hand, to make the conclusion, that these groups could only be “ISLAMIST EXTREMISTS!” A group which was formed in 2012, funded and financed by al-Qa’ida! While the DGSE kept highly sensitive information confidential. Claiming that the email source and the information was marked as “top secret!” Yet why would our former “Secretary of State” Hillary Clinton be sharing this information, on a private email account and server? So could the American people ever trust someone as untrustworthy as Hillary Clinton if we were unlucky enough to have her become President?

The email source claimed that the funding of the MBM operation, and the possible link to the Ansar al Sharia attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, ultimately resulted in the Ambassador being killed. While the French Services indicated that the funding for both attacks had originated with wealthy Sunni Islamist’s in Saudi Arabia…the very same Sunnis responsible for the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks. Plus during July and August, these financiers, provided the funds to AQIM contracts in Southern Europe. Who in-turn passed the money into AQIM operatives in Mauritania hands. Those funds eventually provided Ansar al Sharia and its allied militias in the Benghazi region in support of their attack on the U.S consulate. All of which was done in Mid-January and that money was used to recruit operatives, purchases ammunition, and supplies.

The Algerian DGSE officers noted in private, that the Libyan Intelligence Officers, had told them that the Benghazi attacks, were funded by these financiers in Saudi Arabia. While also reporting that the DGSE officers held private meetings with MBM rep’s in early February 2013. The Algerians noted it’s not the first time that the MBM has violated their “secret truce agreement?” OK what’s the secret truce agreement? And whose truce is it? While they were particularly forceful in their meetings. In response the MBM reps had apologized, while assuring the Algerians, that the AQIM left them no-choice except to cooperate, but the Algerians dismissed their explanation — stating; “they have a similar excuse every time they stage an in-country attack.” Meanwhile at that time the MBM assured the Algerians, that they would refrain from similar attacks! Claiming that they didn’t want to return to an “all out Civil War” with the Algerian military. The Algerian DGSE said; that the Algerian Army’s Special Forces units were anxious to strike the MBM, claiming that if there had been another attack, that they would have…would they have? And the Algerians DGSE believed that the AGIM and their allies will continue to attack Western facilities in the Maghreb. While taking advantage of countries where the security structure is disorganized following uprisings of the 2011-2012 Arab Spring. Yet the then Libyan President, was committed to avoiding a return to a “civil-war” which the last round of fighting, had cost over 200,000 living human beings life’s. All I can say is welcome to the past revisited.

I think that President Obama, and President Bush, along with both Administrations of political hacks, are directly responsible for the destabilization of the entire Middle East! So in a sense the radical Islamist’s are right when they say; “the great American evil!” Because if America hadn’t been so interested in protecting it’s Petro-dollars, by trying to dominate the Middle East, through their use of the CIA, special forces, and terrorists…along with the funding which came from the Sunni’s in Saudi Arabia. Than maybe hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims, Christians, and other religious people, living in that part of the world; “would still be alive today?” This is a bi-partisan issue! It’s not a President Obama or President Bush alone issue, and it’s both being equally responsible, for the collateral-damage and the loss of life in the Middle East! Can terrorist groups that are living in the Middle East ever be stopped? Yes! But it looks as if Iran is stepping up to the plate today, to help their Muslim Brothers in the fight against terrorism in that part of the world. Does any American really want another founder of terrorism, helping the very people, who have been affected by terrorism the most? Probably not! Yet those individuals sure won’t see any help coming from any American President…will they? Does anyone really know what President Obama’s “real” agenda with the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization is? He said he was going to bring hope and change to America? But I think the President actually meant to say; that the only hope and change, wanted, was for Radical Islamist’s coming to America! Welcome to their New/Old form of Sharia Law, which for the Radical Islamist’s changes whenever the wind blows. None of which promotes the rights and well-being of any woman or anybody living in America today. To the crazy leftist liberals…think about that for moment!

SO if you think that Hillary Clinton, won’t continue with Obama’s wet-dream of fundamentally changing the very foundations of America. An America that fundamentally embraces radical Islam. Than you’re nuts! Is that the America that you and your family want to live in? I know that it’s a concept that scares the hell out of me, and should scare the hell out of you. Plus how much more proof do you need to crucify President Obama, along with every single dumb-(fill in the blank) in his administration. No go ahead and be stupid, and worship President Obama, the Black-Muslim-brotherhood loving president. And go ahead and vote for his biggest partner in crime Hillary Clinton as President? When she wins this next Presidential Election you and every other American can kiss off living in freedom!


Sources http://rt.com/usa/complete-emails-guccifer-clinton-554/

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    Liberal Left Dems are so lost in the rhetoric there’s No way to communicate with them anymore. The divisive, personal attacks, lack of honesty in reporting of events or issues that affect the U.S. When I was growing up there was a saying when someone was about to do something completely illogical, without foresight or understanding. I can her my Mom saying “Bless their Hearts” GOP should embrace the saying and utilize as much as possible. It’ll driving crazier than they already are, it’s a very short trip.

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