I had a dream about Lucifer


What did Lucifer look like? Well in the dream He was wearing Leather Pants no shirt had wavy black hair, and was tall, tan, with blue eyes, and had the most beautiful face on a man that I have ever seen. He asked me politely to join Him, I said I can’t I’m promised to God and I made a vow to Him…and I didn’t know who He was at first except that He was exceptionally handsome until Gods voice said do you realize who you are talking too? I said NO I don’t who is He, He telepathically told me in the dream He is Lucifer; after I told him that I have made a vow to the Lord He disappeared. Although I’ve been preying to God and for the Arch Angel Gabriel’s protection. I will put up the closest picture to what Lucifer actually looks like but His hair is Black and Longer now but it’s the same entity. 

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