I’m so blessed but racism is alive and well…

Well, I just finished a new Book on iTunes, and it’s entitled, “Who Was The Real Jesus?” Well, I had the question, so I needed an answer a real answer to the question. 

So, I went and looked for the answer and found it… When I’m not writing a Book, I really don’t like writing so feel blessed by this post. Well, I found a better job as well. It’s amazing what prayer can do. I guess it was the drug test problems, that everyone is having, that makes it so easy, even for old people right now to find a good job. Hey, Pa I need my Pot man, I can’t live with my freaking Pot man…? OK, I guess if your a freaking moron..who doesn’t want a real job. We pacify the idiot class in America today.

Sorry, I’m a very moral person, and when I see everyone around me even my own friends and family members dying from their moral life styles. Everyone tells you you have to be in a relationship from birth to death, but what if like everything else it should be titled under; “conditioning?” and you don’t even really know what you really want because maybe you like, I have been dating some fool since the age of 16 years of age. Now I guess Corporations feel that spying on all their employees on social media accounts is a very American thing to do and do, it’s also under “fair and understanding?”

Meanwhile lets focus on all the B.S of the world, and their petty freaking problems…you know that shit that really doesn’t matter. Lets not focus on all those bosses out there who are freaking RACISTS whether they be, hispanic or black, because you know those people don’t hate whites at all. But we can’t say anything or tell the truth about the person out of fear of losing our jobs. Realize this that the Nazi’s started out that way too…they felt pushed down and kept down by Jewish people — that was when they decided to steal their property to fund a racist war..to further the White Race, whatever the Hell that even means. If you wipe your ass your no-better than anyone else, no-matter what race you are! DEAL WITH IT!

Don’t feel special or victimized because of the skin tone you’ve been given at birth. I never do! It’s so lame, I can’t even really verbalize how stupid that racist crap is, but just like everything else in America, we’ve even commercialized and made racism, or the fight against it into a money making business, to the detriment of society. How does it feel to know you’re going to become a victim or a victimizer of this B.S racist shit at some point in your life? When older people who are white come up against this crap — they don’t know what to do, because the person who usually is there boss, doesn’t hate them because they’ve really done anything, but they hate them because they believe no WHITE PERSON should be, or do anything, or even be able to have a JOB at all.  Yet we allow people like this who hold these racist shit starting views into our country, and they call themselves Proude Hispanics. I’m Hispanic, and have been their victim, ever since these special types of assholes thought I was a white girl, which my blond hair tells the lie of me being. But I’m just as Hispanic if not more, since my mother was an illigal who didn’t even speak English until I was 4 years of age.

But let me just explain to you how shitty it makes me feel, to see an older white woman tell me why is this one particular person we know, giving her shit, and she looks totally puzzled by it. I don’t! because at my last job every non-white b*tch or most of them tried getting me fired. So I have a thick skin, even though I don’t like the dirty looks that are thrown at me. I like you, if you have suffered at the long end of the short stick of racism, have suffered with dirty looks, being worked to hard, being threatened, put down and the list of this B.S goes on and on. Still, I’m 47 now, and I’m really sick of trying to come up with excuses, for why my Hispanic co-workers and bosses do the shitty racist things that they do. 



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