Is Eugenics Alive an Well In America In 2014?

Indiana-passed-sterilization-laws-in-1907By God Loves You

Eugenics was not created by Hitlers 3rd Reich, this defunct practice that actually started in America, a concept which was actually started by Darwinist’s, it’s also called social engineering. People who believed in Eugenics, believed that you could bread out all of the undesirable traits in humanity, threw selective breeding and sterilization. To stop birth defects such as Retardation, mental disorders, and diseases. So in America in the early 20th Century the U.S was practicing Eugenics by sterilizing women, who had nervous breakdowns and other mental disorders. Oh and they did this to people who where deemed as homosexuals,or had to many children while on Welfare…which my own father verified as happening in the 1940’s here in America.

What I’m telling you is that the Nazi’s of the 3rd Reich, learned this and perfected Eugenics from 20th Century America something that was alive and well in the 20th century here. Now Eugenics led to the extermination of millions in Nazi Germany not only to Jewish people but to anyone who was deemed as less then perfect. Now knowing what America know’s about what happened in Nazi Germany because of the use of Eugenics, you’d think that our Government would never again attempt using this botched social experiment…gone horribly wrong. Although it looks like that ugly social experiment is rearing it’s ugly head again in 2014 in America.

Well here’s a really scary moment, and let me just say, before I go any further into this story; “those who forget what led up to the past, are doomed to repeat it!”

Now lets get back to the story…OK so that was then, and this is now. This bit of horrible news about what our government is doing right under our noses, is the stuff of Nazi camp nightmares…welcome to the future past.  Now between “2008 and 2010, 148 women were sterilized illegally in California Prisons”[]  Now the Doctors who were in charge, never bothered to get the authorization, which was required by law, by the State Board. See it’s because State Officials outside of the prison — should have been the ones, who would have determined, if this sterilization was consensual, while not being something that was forced upon the prisoners.

Yet many Democrats posted all over different web sites making comments like the following, without knowing their history regarding Eugenics. They said “that they believed it was ridiculous that any inmate would make such a big deal about being sterilized, and that every prisoner should be encouraged by the prison system to get sterilized!”

Now back in the 20th century many women who where patients and prisoners were subjected to forced sterilization. These forced sterilizations happened after Oliver Wendell Holmes loved the idea of Eugenics so much, he then passed forced sterilization in a 1927 threw a Supreme Court decision. He said of one woman who was only a teenager; “three generations of imbeciles are enough!” Oh and the imbecile comment, was made because, the teenage girl had been raped by a relative, while having the child outside of wedlock.

Eugenics or what should be called selective-genetics is alive and well and living and residing within the pages of Obama care. We’ve already seen 40 Veterans who were put on a secret list…by State run V.A Hospitals. Men and women who died waiting for care! Do you really believe that Eugenics didn’t play a role in their deaths? Maybe just maybe our government was practicing Eugenics on the Veterans that died, before Obama care really gets started, before really bringing the practice of Eugenics back to life in America. Maybe you don’t believe that our government could ever become as evil as the 3rd Reich…yet, I really believe that you should start to become very concerned about this unsettling news.

Did you know that 40 U.S Veterans died waiting for their appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System…many had been placed on a secret waiting list. Now why would the V.A do that? Could it be because of a secrete practice that the government is practicing which is called Eugenics. Where the old and the sick are allowed to die because they are believed to be genetically inferior to others…or are deemed as no longer fit to benefit society. All I have to ask is what’s next; “death panels?” Many of these Veterans between 1,400 to 1,600 were on secrete lists and were forced to wait months to see a Doctor. This came from a recently retired VA Doctor who was at the top of things…in the V.A medical care field, along with other high ranking sources CNN has reported.

It also looks as if CNN along with the times have been reporting about Eugenics, and about the delays in health care appointments for Veterans all over the country. Although the new details about what happened in Phoenix should scare the hell out of every American whose alive and well today.  Why? Because many of the top officials who are running the V.A Hospitals were well aware of the lists and practice of making sick Veterans wait for badly needed medical care. While knowing that many of these patients would die because of that wait.

People if this practice isn’t Eugenics…I’d really be surprised. Still here’s what’s really surprising about the deaths of the 40 Veterans who were forced to wait — was that the top officials are defending this practice of making extremely ill V.A Patients wait. One of the top officials within the V.A Hospitals said to CNN; that officials in Washington had gotten a sham list which said that the patients were getting their appointments on time. Although I have to question, then why did the Government have a hidden list that’s hidden from outsiders? A list that made over 1000 sick Veterans wait for over a year to be seen by a Doctor…

So what’s the scheme? Is it deliberate? Plus why is the Government along with V.A administrators, hiding and shredding the evidence?

I would really like to make up the fact that our government is practicing Eugenics on Veterans and Prisoners, but the facts are telling me of the cold and dark reality that Eugenics are in play. Eugenics is active and alive in America in 2014!

According to a witness named Foote, there was a extreme scheme, which involved the shredding of evidence. Now why would they do that? So that they could hide the long list of Veterans who were waiting up to one year to see a Doctor. Now knowing that our government had been forcing men and women in American Prisons, between 2008 and 2010, to be sterilized. Is it really that far-fetched to believe that the Government had over 1000 Veterans on secret lists [or death panels] which allowed them to die, because the American Government is practicing Eugenics?

Foote actualy said and instructed the staff “to not actually make doctor’s appointments for Veterans with the computer system,” []

Now Foote also said any info that was gathered on those secret lists on computers…would actually show when the Vet’s first started waiting to be seen by a Doctor, an that the evidence of them waiting, would be shredded and erased.

The practices of the V.A hospitals Nation wide is frustrating the Doctors, along with the Nurses who work within these healthcare facilities, because they know that what is being done is wrong. Yet there is nothing that they can do about it! Times are tough in America an the people who work at the V.A Hospitals are also being forced to go against their own morality! Why? Because they know that many of these Patriotic Veterans are going to die while waiting! Still they have to work at the V.A Hospitals, because they have families and mortgages, car payments, and lives, outside of work. All of which couldn’t be supported without their V.A Hospital jobs.

This practice of making sick Patriotic Veterans wait for care, so that our Dear Government can practice Eugenics, under the noses of the American people; ended one Veterans life his name was Thomas Breen. He was 71 yr’s old…he was a Patriot, an a Veteran, and a man who didn’t deserve to die withering in pain because of an unnecessary wait for medical care. So why did the V.A make a 71-yr-old man wait so long for health care? Because the U.S government see’s the elderly as paper weights, and they see them, as an expense that deserves to die. The government is obviously practicing Eugenics on men and women who risked their lives to protect us! Now if our own government would do that to the most patriotic men and women alive. What will they do to your elderly mother or father threw Obama Care…will Death Panels that everyone keeps talking about stop being just rumors? Is Eugenics being practiced in our American Medical Care system threw Obama-care right under our noses?

Teddy, Thomas Breen’s son, said that before he died; “He cried, and screamed, and that’s somethin’ I’d never seen him do before, was cry. Never. Never. He cried in the Kitchen right here. ‘Don’t let me die! Why is this happening to me? Why won’t anybody help me?”[]

You should really start paying attention to this story, because the prisoners who where sterilized from 2008 – 2010 were sterilized in the shadow of our Eugenics History. All of this is being done to institutionalized people, or people who are using institutionalized medicine! These people are vulnerable to having their “consent” extracted from them, all of which is being done, because they are either institutionalized, or are to poor to be able to afford care from any other health care providers.

Unfortunately American’s whether they be free man or prisoner, are having their health care rights taken from them. If you’re incarcerated it seems as if the American Justice System is all to willing to throw these peoples legal rights out the window and under the Bus! Does it matter whether it’s being done forcefully, or if these people where coerced for sterilization? All of these people have had crimes committed against them! Does it matter if a person is 70 years old, or if they are incarcerated? Don’t these people under American law have the right to be seen by Doctors, while also having the right to chose, if they are sterilized or not? Although I have a bigger question then the above questions; “what’s going to stop our government from practicing Eugenics on us and our elderly relatives next?”


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