Kill-Joy Principal’s Promposal Ban Crosses a Legal Line


Promposals aren’t yet in the Oxford English Dictionary yet, but that hasn’t stopped teenagers in love from prom-inently posting these romantic overtures by the hundreds of thousands on social media and classmates’ cellphones.

But these “Bachelor”-like playlets are tying school officials in knots. The extravagant skits are prom-pted by a school-sponsored event yet evade disciplinary rules, especially when held off-campus. Parents complain about expense and the hurt feelings of those left out but what’s a harried principal to do when kids just wanna have fun?

Recent action by one New York City principal, as reported by Susan Edelman in the New York Post, shows the limits of school officials’ power to contain Prom-eos’ and Juliets’ high spirits. Queens Gateway for the Health Sciences Principal Susan Henry ordered that “there is [sic] absolutely no promposals to be conducted anywhere in the school or even around the school and that includes anywhere on your way to school or on your way home from school.” The city Department of Education backed her up, because “some students felt uncomfortable and left out.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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