Lake Bell on Creating a TV Show Skewering Coastal Elitism

Ed Herrera

Lake Bell did it. She got “Pam—motherfucking—Grier.”

About a year ago, the actress was shopping around her upcoming TV show Bless This Mess, a fish-out-of-water comedy about New York newlyweds who leave behind kombucha and ashwagandha hot teas for actual wellness as Nebraskan farmers. As co-creator, Bell knew she needed the legendary actress Pam Grier on board.

Over her 50 years in the industry, Grier, 69, often retreats from Hollywood to a farm in rural Colorado. No one knows the inner workings of both Hollywood and hay barrels like Grier. But she was skeptical when her agent Harry Gold called, saying Bell and her co-creator Liz Meriwether (of New Girl fame) wanted her for their new series. They didn’t have a script, and Grier doesn’t do projects without one—especially if it’s about her beloved community of farmers.

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