Liberal Ftards try getting President Elect Trump Impeached…?

By Jade McLove — The Gloves are off liberal dickheads let the Crucifixion begin!

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Oh my God Becky, just look what the stupid A-holes who call themselves liberals are doing to Trump now. No actually this isn’t a slap in the face to Trump, it’s a slap to ever AMERICAN CITIZEN like me who voted for him. Now my semi-friend because sometimes I just think he points this shit out to really piss me off because he’s a Liberal who feels like Hillary was cheated and I guess never lost a game, money, or anything with the way he acts. But still it pissed me off, because just because sometime I can talk with liberal people about liberal things. They are like insects with their indoctrination (BEE’S) and they act like KKK members and if you even slightly agree with them on anything to be cool or whatever. They’ll try sucking you into their dark side. Impeach Trump B.S…? So I looked at the online B.S and there it was in plain English to piss me off in every color under the Sun. Impeach a man who has no business being the President (they mean like Obama…right?) A man who is a misogynist, bigot, racist, crazy.

So I accidentally said while at work good luck with that dream I had crazy liberal ftards. Good luck when your Party turns on you and you elect an even bigger asshole than Obama. Who tricks you out of your life and drags you into concentration camps that will make the Nazis look like really nice guys. And I have no freaking sympothy for you A-holes, because you don’t respect people. You don’t respect there opinions, you don’t respect their rights to vote, and you treat Trump supporters like shit.

The crazy thing is, that this shit is going to blow up in your faces one day, when you really do get a crazy asshole who will throw you in Camps and take away every last right you have. And you’ll be asking why did they do this to me, just like the JEWS who asked that same question. Why? Because many of you assholes wouldn’t listen. You believed all the Globalists crazy ass shit, and so when they were finished with using you to gain complete control of the entire would. They didn’t need you anymore, so they began killing all of you, because they didn’t need you anymore. It will come to pass if the stupid Liberals don’t wake the F up.

Plus not to mention F-tard liberal nut jobs, you’re just killing your own party with this B.S. What 19 year old kid who had his Trump Sign ripped up, is going to convert over to the Democratic Party. What Trump supporter is going to convert back to being a Liberal after seeing all you assholes in a huge came of woe is me, and poor pitiful me? No one, so hopefully your own stupidity will totally destroy what’s left of the Democratic Party. Along with our stupid soon to be Ex-President crying a river about how he could have beaten Trump and how he gave the U.N the OK to destroy Israel…what a dick! President Obama after 8 years please do us all a favor and; own that shit!

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