Medieval Sex Cult at Center of German Crossbow Murder Mystery


The storefront window of Torsten Weiss’s medieval fetish shop in Hachenburg, Germany, is adorned with a mannequin splattered with fake blood sitting open-legged on a counter. A periwinkle blue rope is tied several times around her wrists and neck. Thick silver chains are draped across her shoulders like suspenders. A stained blindfold is pushed up above her eyes. The store offers replicas of ancient weapons like longbows, spears and battle axes alongside Knights Templar flags. It also offers medieval reenactment and jousting classes.

Weiss, 53, was the tattooed and pierced owner of the shop, who police say once owned a dog that used to maul and bite other canines to death.

Last weekend Weiss was found dead with crossbow bolts protruding from his neck and skull on a double bed on the second floor of a quaint B&B in Passau, Germany. By his side was 33-year-old Kerstin Enders who had succumbed to similar fatal injuries.

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