MTV’s Super-Trashy, Sexually Fluid Dating Show Is Drunkenly Making Important Progress

This week: 

There is perhaps no greater evidence that there are just far too many shows on TV than the fact that the current season of MTV’s seedy, high-concept dating series Are You the One? has been airing and, by my rough calculations, not a soul is talking about it. You see, this current season features a cast of entirely sexually fluid and gender non-binary contestants. In other words, every single person on the show is fair game to bang each other. And you know what? They do! Gross! Also, progress! 

At any juncture in recent years, but especially today when gender and sexual identity are scorching-hot button issues, the first time a dating series has explored something like this would be major news. Progressive outlets would be championing it. Conservatives would be clutching their pearls so hard they’d have permanently spherical indentations on their palms. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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