Nigel Farage Becomes Latest Right-Wing British Politician to Be ‘Milkshaked’


You might think it’s a good time to be Nigel Farage. His lifelong obsession with Britain leaving the European Union is within striking distance, and his newly established Brexit Party has defied the odds by surging to first place in polls ahead of the U.K.’s European Parliament elections later this week.

However, you’d be wrong, as he’s absolutely furious and covered in milk.

You see, a new kind of street protest is striking fear and fury into the hearts of emboldened right-wing politicians in Britain. On Monday, Farage became the latest victim to be “milkshaked.” The simple yet humiliating act of being drenched in sweet, thick, luminous liquid has taken the European election campaign by storm and there appears to be no way to stop it.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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