No, FaceApp Isn’t Sending Your Whole Camera Roll To Putin’s Russia


Everyone from the Jonas Brothers to Shaquille O’Neal has embraced the latest edition of Russia-based face-morphing app FaceApp, which adds wrinkles and eye-bags to selfies to show how users could look decades older. 

But now users who rushed to see how they’ll look near-death are panicking over privacy concerns. FaceApp’s customer service has been overwhelmed by users requesting the company delete their data. And the New York Post claimed Wednesday that using FaceApp means “Russians now own all your old photos.” 

The FaceApp photo boom, dubbed the #AgeChallenge, has been accompanied by a series of wild accusations about the app this week. The social media claims have alleged that FaceApp users have accidentally handed over their photos for use by Russian artificial intelligence, or have been secretly spied on through the app.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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