OMG the WORLD SUCKS! Race & Suicide…?

By Jade McLove

OMG…stop tripping! Your balls? I thought that would get your attention, well you’ll pay attention to any thug with a Microphone…you’ll change your narrative or say “give Coffee to someone pulling your chain, like the Barista at Star Cluck’s who thought a guy excuse me BLACK MAN with a Video Camera was really offended by Star Clucks offending two Black Men who couldn’t get the Bathroom Code because their cheap asses wouldn’t buy a freaking Coffee!” I love Black People they’re the only group who if they loudly scream like children they get compensated. OK, nit-wits, when was the last time you yourself were offended and got something out of it? Or does your life not matter? Anyway, all this my whittle feelings are hurt crybaby bullshit is really ANNOYING! America has become a place where BULLY’S run wild because all they have to do is turn the tables on people, employees, and even family members to get what they want; and all of society is responsible for this! Man, they’re lucky, because if I had a Coffee-Shop and two broke Nigga’s came into my shop and they didn’t buy a freaking Coffee I’d say; “so do you two broke asses plan on buying something or do you believe I’m your freaking mother…and I should pat you on your backs and give you a  Pillow and a Blanket for an over-nighter?” This B.S has nothing to do with Race, it has to do with two victimizers bullying Star Clucks employees into submission.

Meanwhile in the Chicken Coup called the White House Comey or as my family likes to call him Lurch, wrote a book, I didn’t’ even know someone that stupid could write…? Writing B.S books about a sitting President because His whittle feelings got hurt because He got fired; entitled “GET OVER IT!” Didn’t He already steal enough money in pay offs to pardon Hitlery? He reminds me of a freakish, grown out of control evil Petter Pan! He can’t fly and He’s not Magical…oh, wait He’s magical! He got Hillary Clinton out of the Hot Seat with all those emails.  He’s sits there and talks about Trumps spray-tan, and the smallness of His hands, and the color of his hair…it’s like we’re all prisoners of Democrats High School Mafia moment. Officials who Bully’s everyone with their whinny asses about our sitting President. They should make a Comey Piñata, and we all should have one or two hits at it…for this douchbags bitching.

Minus all the homeless drunks and drug addicts on the streets…I had a great time getting to my job this morning. While stuffed in the Closet called my work place, I had a lot of time to think about how I can’t wait for the next Dead Pool Movie to come out; because I just love bad guys who do good!

Anyway; here’s my big question when are the Democrats going to stop hating Trump? Hey, I’ve got a word to the wise if your smart you will never mention the word Trump if you want to have a job, life, relationship or family. Democrats are completely INSANE, and become triggered when Trump is mentioned (just try wearing I love Trump on a tshirt in California). Right now in Colleges all over America they are snuffing out free speech; which makes me want to go to a College-Campus and just sock someone; when they ask me why I’ll say, “well you where going to scream and yell at me, and tell me I was wrong anyway, so since I knew you were going to piss me off — I socked you as a precursor of you’re screaming and yelling!”

I have no-idea why the left hates people who stand up against ABORTIONS and ASSISTED SUICIDE? I guess the ones they don’t get in the womb they’ll get while they’re dying? It looks pretty bad, and they always have a lame excuse to practice their version of Hitlerism. Like, people have the right to end their life if there is no-quality to that life; ‘but what if they never appreciated the life they were given?” Should all those people who feel that way, have the right to put a gun against their head, and pull the trigger? So now they want to extend the long arms of the assisted suicide to include Alzheimer’s Patients; regardless of their religion or beliefs, because it’s just so expensive to let someone die naturally; because it’s always better to pull the Nazi-card and execute the sick, the elderly, and the handicapped; “right?”  OK, I’m going to talk like President Obama; the Democrats who are down with Eugenics because all those with Cancer and brain disorders, and possible birth-defects are inferior to everyone; this is where I draw my LITTLE RED LINE IN THE SAND and say STOP! I’m just going to ask it; “why the freak can’t we just let them die naturally?” Which goes into my next question; “why the hell can’t people let themselves die naturally?” I’m just a little puzzled by people today; some will go to the extent of having a dead mans or woman’s heart placed inside them to save themselves from death?

But if God judges you based on whats in your heart; do you get judged on that persons sins, or do you become an atrocity, and God makes you walk the World for all time as a Spector, or do you just go rocketing to Hell because you played God with someone else’s heart? Just because we have the ability to do certain things doesn’t mean we always should; just like that Nazis after finding out how to Gas thousands went and gassed thousands upon thousands of enocent souls. I waved my fist to Heaven and asked God; “why is Hitler’s soul allowed to exist in Hell?” His soul should be incinerated like the thousand or even millions that He turned to Ash. I believe that God should allow one persons soul to be eradicated out of existence, and Hitler’s soul for me is that one soul! I said to God, if you allow Hitler to exist in Hell than you should forgive Lucifer, because Lucifer didn’t kill 6 million Angels, and turn them to Ash…while destroying their memory!” When one man can become worse than Lucifer Himself; do you guys really feel safe in allowing any person or government the ability to kill us by using assisted suicide to do it; man-up suffer and go to Heaven! I’m going to face my death head on, because I’m not a coward! I promise…although, I will take a whole lot of pain killers to get through it.

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