Rapsody on Cardi B, Her Mentor Queen Latifah, and Defying Hip-Hop’s ‘Female Rapper’ Stereotypes

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Rapsody knows what people think of her.

The fluid, expressive emcee from the tiny town of Snow Hill, N.C. has become one of those artists people think they can conveniently pin down or put in a box. Her name gets tossed around whenever those interminable “female rapper” debates trend on Twitter. Her smooth delivery and introspective subject matter are signifiers for those who still stereotype “conscious rappers.” And her love of Lauryn Hill and MC Lyte seem to affirm a “real hip-hop” aesthetic that old heads just seem to gush over.

But like any great artist, Rapsody isn’t beholden to anyone’s narrow framing.

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