Revelation and Heaven!

Revelation and Heaven!

By God Loves YOU!

How many of us really understand God? A better question is how many of us still care? Devout Christianity is a really funny word, which has been left to the realms of crazy religious followers. That’s something that many American’s believe today. Although I believe that Christianity holds the key’s to our futures.

Just recently I bought an Egyptian ring from Egypt. Some of the most famous and best religions got their start in Egypt, along with their founding. It’s a place where some of the first Christian believers started out. My father pointed out that there was a Coptic Cross on the back of my blue scarab Egyptian ring. Coptic Christians died for believing in Christ…how many of us in America, are willing to die for what we believe in? Most of us; are too busy caring about our own little worlds, to ever give up anything, for any type of real cause — which might inflict a death sentence.

I’ve been called all kinds of things, simply because I decided to change my life, and because I chose the righteous path of believing in God. I gave up the sins of the flesh; that was my personal choose! I just thought to myself, I wanted to cleanse myself, of the sins that I surrounded myself with for years. I’m extremely upset to think that God may have had enough of “us”. God has given mankind so many chances to change, repent, and make peace with him, other people, and with the world. That maybe God has finally given up on mankind?

My mother seems to be extremely happy that many parts of Revelation are coming to pass. I said; are you crazy? Do you understand what “revelation” means? It means the coming tribulations will bring about the deaths of millions and billions of people world wide! That’s not something to be happy about! Yes the second coming of Christ is something to look forward to, but when Christ comes back; that means that millions of people have died from disease, starvation, war…and rapture. Her answer; “this means that God is real!” What?

So my mother and other Christian’s world wide NEED “proof”, that the words in the bible are true. That’s not being faithful! Shouldn’t you already know in your heart that God exists? Why do you need one of the most horrible events, which will ever be recorded in the pages of history, to happen to prove the existence of God?

Some people alive today “rarely believe in anything”; maybe except for science? It’s as if everyone living in America today needs proof of everything to believe in anything. Even if the believe in the thing that they don’t have proof for, would save them from themselves; ultimately saving their life’s — yet they still won’t believe in God. Why?

It says in Revelation 12:5 she “brought forth a man child, who was to rule all the nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.” I believe that it’s a direct reference to Jesus Christ. Didn’t Mary and Joseph flee into the wilderness? And doesn’t the red dragon with 7 heads and ten horns in 12:3 represent the different churches that the apostles had set up around the world?

Oh and wasn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ used with an Iron sword? Which was spread throughout the world by blood thirsty soldiers who spread the scriptures by force?

Jesus Christ is at the side of God by his thrown. So 12:5 is true and refers to Jesus Christ. The Devil was cast out of Heaven long before Jesus was born, but visions happen this way; they never happen in order, only a gifted psychic would know that. So Revelation is not in chronological order.

Another note that Revelation is true is in 12:10; God did bring Jesus Christ into the world to bring about the salvation of all of mankind. While the answers that mankind has always looked for, could be found in Jesus Christ! Then in 12:11; another revelation about the “blood of the lamb” is in this passage, which means that the Devil can be cast out, threw the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and also threw the testimony about him. People need to realize that the Devil is angry and wants to destroy the world, because his days are numbered threw the “blood of Christ” and from the “love” that God has for the faithful in Christ.

Was Mary persecuted by the Devil for giving birth to the son of God, as it says in 12:13? From what I know about the story of the mother of Christ, I believe she suffered for the rest of her life, because of his death. In 12:14; it says that Marry was given two great wings of an Angel, and so was Mary Magdalene because they suffered because of their love of Christ. Many people have lost their lives because of their love for Christ…they also have become angels in heaven just like the passage says; but to believe that — you’d have to have something called “faith”.

I believe that the flood which is spoken of in 12:15 represents the flood of critics who were against Jesus Christ’s teachings. So they persecuted Jesus Christ’s mother, whom was tormented after her son’s death, because of his teachings. Then in 12:16 the true believers of Christ tried helping Marry, and they let her speak. They believed in Christ while stopping the evil against his mother from happening. Something which the Devil had spread to stop Christ’s words. While the Devil continued to spread disbelieve in Christianity; which led to the worshiper’s persecutions and deaths. 12:17; the Devil was angry at Mary for keeping Christ’s words alive. So Lucifer started wars against the teachings of Christ, and against the apostles; which still leads to the torture and deaths of the followers of Jesus Christ in our world today.

Unfortunately the murder and torture of the faithful Christians still happens to this day, in Egypt and other Muslim Countries around the world.

In 13:1 all the churches of the world, especially the Muslim religion, would create blasphemies against God. Then in 13:2 Mohamed was a “monster” which would destroy the entire world. Why? The Devil was giving the religion power! 13:3 means that the Muslim church was weak, and people wouldn’t follow it at first, but then; the entire world wondered after Mohamed and the Muslim religion. In 13:4 all the Muslims in the Middle East are actually worshiping Lucifer threw Mohamed, and looking to Mohamed as their savior. A savior who was someone who was as evil as the Devil! 13:5 they will follow Mohamed who lied about God and brought many blasphemies to Gods ears into the pits of Hell. This mans religion will rule the world threw violence, while continuing to anger God; which will bring about God’s wrath against Muslim countries world wide, and may be the factor to bring about the second coming of Christ.

13:6; the followers of the Muslim religion have spoken blasphemies against God, because they continue to use his name while committing crimes against Gods laws. Mohamed’s church and many of his followers have angered all those in Heaven today. 13:7; so the Heads of the Muslim religion have made war with the saints in Heaven and with the Christians alive today; which they (the Muslims) hate, and are trying to destroy. The followers of Mohamed’s hate for Christians will happen all over the world! How many people living in the world today hate Christians because of the teachings of Mohamed? 13:8; all the people that are worshiping Mohamed will not have their names written in the book of life; which Jesus Christ who was the last sacrificial lamb died on the cross to make happen for people around the world. Anyone who condones the radical teachings and doctrines of Mohamed, whom kill in the name of God, will not be included in the book of life, when they die. Translation they will not be allowed to go to Heaven! They will suffer a second death and will be cast into the pits of hell for eternity. 13:9; if any man has an ear let him listen!

13:10 the followers of Islam will destroy their own Nations threw their use and believe in violence. A believe to bring faithfulness to their followers who use violence. These followers will die in a violent way, because those that live by the sword will also die by it. The saints have patience and faith and wisdom because they realize that fact. 13:11 their will be another sect of the Muslim religion who will speak like Lucifer. 13:12 this church will be like the last, and this religious sect, will gain more and more followers and Islam will engulf the entire world with its blasphemous religion.

13:13; God will become so angry with the followers of Mohamed, that he will engulf their cities in war. 13:14 those who believe that they are following the word of God are being deceived by the lies of the Devil; who will give the followers and believers in this sect of Islam great powers! They will deceive the whole world about Christianity. Making people believe that it is a false religion, by using Christ’s miracles against the believers of Christ.

13:15; the followers of Mohamed gave Lucifer life and power! So the disbelievers of Mohamed whom are Christian followers will be killed. 13:16; President Obama a follower of Islam; will make the multitude receive an implant within their right hand, which is the mark of the beast. 13:17 so that every man on the face of the world will have to have the implant; to sell, buy, and work. 13:18; I believe that the number of the beast is “5” for the 5 fingers of the right hand where the implant will be placed. Now that’s my wisdom, so the number 6 hundred threescore and 6 is the number of times; that a man will burn in Hell for believing the evil doctrine of Islam.

So revelation is real…yes it is! It’s not about dragons or fires or brimstone, if you can deceiver it…it’s about right here, and right now! It’s about the blasphemies of many churches; but it’s really about one of the biggest blasphemous churches. It’s about the teachings and religion of Mohamed! A religion which has angered all the Saints in Heaven, all of the Angels and God! Revelation is a warning and a message for all of the faithful in Christ; that even though people whom know nothing about God, whom are prosecuting one another and Christians over Mohamed’s erroneous religion; the followers of murder for God’s sake, will have a second death, in the pits of hell. Amen!

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