Scouted: Lady Gaga’s Newest Endeavor Is Haus Laboratories, a Beauty Brand Launched on Amazon

The long-awaited launch of Lady Gaga’s beauty brand, Haus Laboratories, is finally here. This Amazon-exclusive brand can now be preordered (it ships in mid-September) and honestly, it looks really freakin’ cool. 

Haus Laboratories launched with three hero products: the RIP Lip Liner, the Le Riot Lip Gloss, and the Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer. Each piece comes in either a duo or a set of all three and multiple distinct color combinations. The RIP Lip Liner duo is $26 in pairs named Floor It, Royalty, and Slay Me. The Le Riot Lip Gloss duos are $32 and feature sets called Hypocrite, Laced, and Seductress. And the Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer duo is $36 with names like Downtown Punk, Give ‘Em Heaven, and Speed Queen. The three-piece sets, or “collections,” will run you $49 and have each been given “haus” names: HAUS of Chained Ballerina, HAUS of Dynasty, HAUS of Goddess, HAUS of Metalhead, HAUS of Rockstar, and HAUS of Rose B*tch

With the success of Fenty Beauty, the idea of a celebrity-created beauty brand isn’t new but it is interesting to see it being released through Amazon. The shades of Haus Laboratories are dark and smokey, compared to the bright, bold hues of Fenty, which says a lot about the creators behind the brands (Lady Gaga vs. Rihanna). Shop on Amazon

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