Scouted: Wake Up With Tangle-Free Hair and Avoid Breakage with Slip’s Slipsilk Skinny Hair Ties

When I decided to chop off all of my hair, I had to find a solution to putting it up. I found the invisibobble and that held my love for a long time until I ran into a friend who had cut her hair to the same length as mine at almost the same time. She found these miniature scrunchies (scrunchies are having a moment!) and fell in love. I had to get them and, when I did, I knew that the Slipsilk Skinny Hair Ties from Slip were the answer to my overnight hair problems.

These aren’t your ‘80s neon giant scrunchies. These are streamlined with a slim silhouette and made from 100% silk. Slip already makes an insanely cool silk pillowcase that I have put into my shopping cart multiple times but just haven’t pulled the trigger on. It can help keep premature aging at bay, avoid face creases from bunched up fabric, and keep your hair from frizzing. These scrunchies take advantage of the brand’s super-soft silk to help keep your hair from breaking or creasing when you pull it back to sleep. And boy, do these things work. Normally, even with the invisibobble, which was supposed to help with this, I wake up with my hair coiled around itself. These slide right out like I didn’t just toss and turn for eight (okay, six) hours. And, even after sleeping, the unfortunate dent that I normally wake up with thanks to my hair tie of choice was far from noticeable after a quick spray of dry shampoo and a good shake.

They come in six different color options and a 6-pack, which is perfect for people like me who loses hair ties the black hole that appears in my apartment any time I let their my down. The Slipsilk Skinny Hair Ties are a grown-up version of a scrunchie that will help you cut down on broken strands and wake up with hair you don’t need to do much to. | Shop at Nordstrom >

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