‘The Affair’ Returns for Its Final Season — and to Drive Its Fans Nuts

Paul Sarkis

Fans of The Affair (hey everyone, here we go again!), will not want me to ruin what happens in the first three episodes of the fifth and final season of our favorite weirdo TV show, which starts tonight on Showtime. Only moderate spoilers follow, so just to warn you…

The strange thing about The Affair, right from the beginning of its serpentine odyssey, is that it recedes in the long periods between seasons to a half-remembered fever dream. Then another season of this intense, ridiculous (we know it’s ridiculous) delirium of a show rolls around. And we return to our TV screens, enslaved zombie addicts all of us.

Come Sunday night, Affair non-fans living with Affair fans, do not disturb us. Ask us anything while it is on and be prepared for growls and furious stares. Go to another room, rearrange a sock drawer, leave us alone.

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