Utopia and Social Engineering coming to A neighborhood near you!

By God Loves You


Here’s a topic that keeps on rearing it’s ugly head in 2016. Now I’ve spoken about this topic before but never in great detail. So let me hit you again with this interesting subject; “evil!” And the recreation of Gods in the Democratic party who want to rule the world.

Before I really get started, let me explain the nature of all evil, which stems from “stupidity!” All evil is stupid, especially if it’s being done for money or God. Some worship money like others become occultists over God. Yet the worship of money in our day and age, is the dumbest of all evil. Let me explain the nature of money. MONEY IS PAPER! Let’s go a little deeper with this narrative. Money is also just numbers! Meaning that there is no-real physical wealth that’s actually backing up paper money. It’s all on a speculative nature. A nature which is very similar to the worship of God, for many people around the world have to have faith in God to believe in him, and so it goes with money. People have to have faith in the money system for paper money to work. So the people who are controlling the wealth are the ones who actually hold all the physical wealth. How? They charge us huge amounts of interest, on valueless-credit (meaning no real wealth is behind the money they are offering) and then when we don’t pay the bank’s interests on all those loans we took out on Cars, Houses, and Bills we own…or for whatever we took those loans out for. They actually take our physical wealth, which is our land!

social engineering

So that’s how 1% or 2% of the population in the world holds humanities real wealth. Except most are such dullards that they refuse to believe that. It’s an extremely “EVIL” way to loot the real wealth of the world, and this is happening because of the evil banking Cartel all over the world today has super inflated everything based on their worthless paper money. Just look at Greece and Puerto Rico, and you can see what I mean.

Now those people could free themselves from this artificial debt by just extracting themselves from this artificial system of make-believe paper money. Although everyone around the world today, is being lied to about the Banking system, along with everything else.

So the Nature of evil is based on the father of lies. They call Satan the father of lies, because he never tells the truth. SO for any society to be truly evil, they have to do something called; “lying!” Lying which will be done all the time — to make people feel secure. When security is the furthest thing from the truth in any society which bases the truth on lies.


Keeping people off-balance, always, is another aspect of evil. While evil people never listen to advice, and hold on to their lies, as if they were the Holy Grail. So attempting to get the truth out to an evil society is almost impossible; “still I’m trying everyday?”

Yes I could join the evil Globalists, and the people with the agenda of making the world a border-less place. Another evil agenda, something, which will start World War III. Why? Because most Nations are not going to give up their sovereignty, to have open borders for the world’s poor. As Jesus Christ said; “why do you care about the poor, they have always been with us?”

No these evil-globalists aren’t going to save the poor! They’re evil! They’re just using the topic of poverty to scam you and I out of every freedom we have. Why? So they can be in total control. Real evil likes to lie and be in control of every aspect of everyone’s lives all the time. Being able to tell us what we can and can’t do as the minutes in our lives pass by. Thereby surpassing God’s authority, and making an evil-authority rule over the land. So they’ll make anyone who has a thought in their head; a conspiracy theorist so that everyone continues to believe their BIG LIES about how we should be living our lives.

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Lies! The perfect example of these big lies, lies with a man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who put 4 bullets into the heads of two cops in New York, instantly killing Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. So the supposed lie/narrative, is that the perp who committed the crime — only had one mission on his mind, which was to kill cops.

Although the New York daily news says that; “ the Cops were in the area for a anti-terrorism drill.” Although I’ve heard via YouTube that the two-cops didn’t previously know each other? That’s weird? So what the article in the Slate is stating; is that this armed perp. Just walked in between cars with a loaded weapon, and found these two cops and shot them dead?

Since when have the cops, in an area full of cops, ever allowed a crazy person with a gun, to openly carry his weapon, around a neighborhood full of cops? Especially when the Cop’s were having anti-terrorism drills there that week. It’s a little strange that an anti big government, for America’s freedoms criminal, would also be an Arabic speaking terrorist…isn’t it?

It goes on to say in the Slate that; “The gunman apparently came up to the car and shot them both (Police Officers) without warning before fleeing into a subway station, where he proceeded to shoot himself in the head.”

Now here’s where this supposed “real case” gets strange; Shaneka Thompson the suspects girlfriend. Who worked as an Insurance Specialist for the Veterans Administration, and was a Veterans Affair officer. A woman who was shot 1st with a 9 millimeter semi-automatic handgun, before Ismaaiyl Brinsley the cop killer, drove to New York to shoot and kill 2 Police Officers.

So let me ask the questions, which our dumbed down Media, obviously isn’t allowed to ask in America. Since when would a cop-killer or any killer for that matter, have to drive from Baltimore to New York, to kill 2 cops? Couldn’t he just have killed those cops in Baltimore? Why New York? Especially while an anti-terrorist drill in New York was occurring. Does anything about this case make any sense to you? Plus did you know that he also spoke Arabic..isn’t a black man speaking Arabic, who shoots two cops dead at an anti-terrorist police event, seem a little weird to you?

OK so the evil liars who call themselves servants of the people, claimed that Ismaaiyl Brinsley was a homeland terrorist, who was also anti-government.

All of which fits the hoods in office — new anti-internet big government agenda. They’re claiming that anyone who thinks for themselves, or outside of government thought control, is a homeland terrorist.

So was Ismaaiyl Brinsley created to stop freedom of speech in America? While also allowing the government to create more gun control laws? While also allowing the government to take over the police in America, to make our police departments Nationalized. Has this false narrative of creating a problem, so that they in government, can come up with the solutions for this false narrative? Something which has taken place constantly in our lives ever since 9/11. If you don’t believe me, do the research yourself, and you will start seeing things in a whole different light. I’m not anti-government, or anti-big-establishment government either. I am against evil-liars infiltrating every area of our lives! While dullard citizens fight those in the know, because they can’t handle the truth.


Shaneka Thompson the girlfriend of this Maniac said in the New York Daily News that; she had told investigators, that she had never seen Brinsley with a gun.” That’s weird right? So one day out of the blue Ismaaiyl Brinsley just showed up with a gun one day? That doesn’t make any sense! Especially in a killer who is openly talking about his hatred for the cops. Now get this his girlfriend had never been told of, or had even seen the gun, which he purchased in 1996 at a pawn shop. Does that make any sense? I’m telling you, that these false flag narratives, get better and better. Yes the murder actually happened but the “why?” behind them, really have me, and should have you guessing…as to what’s really behind these killings of late. In logic a coincidence only happen twice. These types of shootings have happened a lot lately. So I really don’t believe it’s the madness aspect of the situation, it’s been created to bring about social engineering. If you don’t know what social engineering is — I suggest you do a Google search.

All of which is especially disturbing since this killers, along with other criminals like him, have been able, even with strict gun-laws on the books, to get a hold of guns and high-powered weapons. This killer had a long history of arrests and mental illness like so many of the other shooter had. So how did he get a hold of the weapon? Another strange aspect was that the killer was wearing Army green pants, because he was an Air Force Reservist. You do know that our government has in the past with, and still does financially support terrorism…right?

It’s all about keeping the terrorism lie up — especially when you ask; “why hasn’t ISIS the worst terrorist organization in the world. Ever attacked Israel with a suicide bomber or something?” Best answer; is that they and other Nations control them along with the U.S, Saudi Arabia and other Emirate Nations and countries. They are using them, to bring a scapegoat, and fear and terror in our lives. So that we willing give up all of our personal power to via; “the create a problem, by using a man who’s mentally ill, who also speaks Arabic, who also just happens to show up to kill 2 cops, during an anti-terrorist drill scenario?”


So our corrupt government can come up with the solution, which is to take our guns and destroy what’s left of our Constitution, along with the Bill of rights. Thereby destroying America so that the Globalists and the World of Banking can own us! Own us like farmers own Cattle, and there you are sitting; reading the News or watching T.V. You’re believing everything they say as “reality?” You’re a dullard, and it’s about time, that you and the rest of the world, started wising up.

Here’s the list of cases of America’s veiled fear making policies and practices. Keeping the truth from the people since 9/11, 2001 — Charles Andrew Williams shoots 15 kills 2, Tucson 3 killed 2002, 5 killed 9 injured Meridian, Miss 2003, 9 killed, 7 injured Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minn 2005, 5 killed 2 injured Nickel Mines P.A 2006, 32 killed 17 injured Blacksburg V.A 2007, 8 killed 4 injured Omaha 2007,  5 killed, 16 injured: Dekalb, Ill 2009, 13 killed, 4 injured: Binghamton, N.Y. 2009, 13 killed, 32 injured: Ft. Hood Texas 2009, 3 killed, 3 wounded: Huntsville Ala. 2010, 8 killed, 2 injured: Manchester, Conn. 2010. 6 killed, 11 injured: Tucson, Ariz 2011, 8 killed, 1 injured: Seal Beach, Calif. 2011, 7 killed, 3 injured: Oakland 2012, 12 killed, 58 injured: Aurora, Colo. 6 killed, 3 injured: Oak Creek, Wis 2012, 6 killed, 2 injured: Minneapolis, Minn. 2012, 3 dead, 4 injured: Brookfield, Wis. 2012, 27 killed, one injured: Newtown, Conn. 2012, 5 killed: Santa Monica 2013, 13 killed, 3 injured: Washington, D.C. 2013, 3 killed; 16 injured: Ft. Hood, Texas 2014, 7 dead, 7 wounded: Isla Vista, Calif. 2014, 9 dead: Charleston, S.C. 2015. But lets not forget the Baltimore killing of a black man which spurred days of rioting, the Baltimore shooter’s killing of 2 cops, or of the Newly South Carolina shooter, who shot and killed the members of a church.

Yet I have a better question; “doesn’t the Obama Administration, along with President Obama need to totally control and Nationalize our Police Force? My best answer is “YES!”

Does anyone else see the government’s narrative here? Americans’ have been living in rising fear, since the 1990’s, which really took off after 9/11. We have created a society based on the above mentioned buggy men. All of which is being done, so that the Wizards in, and behind the  curtains or government. People who are really running America, will always be telling us, their version of the truth (their underlying evil menu).

So Al Sharpton believes they (meaning the corrupt in government) can Nationalize America’s police force — through the fear they’ve created in the people, by insane acts of violence/mass shootings, along with the shootings of Police officers in America. Which is being done to bring about a Communist style Revolution here. So to start any insurrection among the citizens of America. You need a reason/cause and that cause would be the racist agenda of the extreme left. Why? To start a communist style-d revolution (through their false-narrative of fear created in the people) to curtail freedom loving American citizens freedoms. shooter-race-630_1

So as Sharpton said in a post on the Freedom Outpost;  “We need the Justice Department to step in and take over policing in this country. In the Twentieth-Century, we had to fight states’ rights to get the right to vote. We gonna have to fight states’ rights in terms of closing down police cases.”

Here’s another question that needs to be answered; “doesn’t the Obama Administration, along with the radical left and other corrupt politicians always say — that ‘we the people along with the police in America’ must be held accountable?”

Something which is seriously funny. Especially when they haven’t been held accountable, for anything they’ve done in government lately. Look at all those executive orders and free trade agreements, along with National health care regiments, which they are never held accountable for.

Still these same people in government want to hold America’s police accountable for the racist agenda? I do agree that corrupt lawless cops need to be held accountable, just like I guess homegrown terrorists need to held accountable? But I believe the biggest hypocrites that need to be held ACCOUNTABLE are those in government! People who are willingly bypassing the constitution and the Bill of Rights to put forward their wrong Globalist/environmentalist/communist manifesto — to physically change the demographics of a once great Nation called America. Which they are doing through their use of fear, and scapegoats, to make American’s fear themselves into communism.

Socialism iii

How do they do this? Every Time there is a major catastrophe or crime. The corrupt politicians in Office on both the Democratic and Republican-side. Use these events as excuses to change the laws. Like they did with the 1033 Program which is being brought down to bring about our President’s and his Administration’s master plans of social engineering. All of which will be brought to a neighborhood near you! Especially when he said in a post by Whitehouse.gov; “all-hands-on-deck” effort to change the odds for these communities?” Another question I have is; “he says odds? What exactly does our President mean by odds?” Let me get rid of the Obama double-talk to tell you what he’s really saying…he’s saying; “that he’s going to change the communities from “white-privilege?” too a racist agenda towards minorities.” How? By changing our Police Force to a nationalized one. Thereby controlling all the laws, and then by injecting social engineering, into communities across America.

As said by President Obama himself in this excerpt from the article; “ If we as a society don’t do more to expand opportunity to everybody who’s willing to work for it, then we’ll end up seeing conflicts between law enforcement and residents (he means the reservist air men who killed two cops named Ismaaiyl Brinsley…right?)  If we as a society aren’t willing to deal honestly with issue of race (like social engineering?), then we can’t just expect police departments to solve these problems (unless they’re Nationalized?). If communities are being isolated and segregated, without opportunity (meaning forced opportunity!) and without investment and without jobs (uless they’re created by our commie loving government!)– if we politicians are simply ramping up long sentences for nonviolent drug crimes (yet aren’t prisons corporations now? Who did that?) that end up devastating communities, we can’t then ask the police to be the ones to solve the problem when there are no able-bodied men in the community, or kids are growing up without intact households. (So when he says kids he means that the government need to raise your kids!)  

Can you say social engineering? All of which is based on lies, because millions of Americans nationwide today. Are not living in the nightmare-scenario which the extreme left, President Obama, and the Wizards of Wall Street, have created for us. Many of us have above the poverty level lifestyles, and love the lives that we have willingly chosen on our own. We don’t need big government and our National News media creating false narratives. To fear us into servitude to phony/corrupt politicians. Politicians who want to control every aspect of our lives through their use of social engineering, by using our fear, along with the crimes which they’ve created!

A picture gallery of fake pictures and evidence that the South Carolina evidence was faked. 

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