What if the South Won the Civil War? Inside Lynn Shelton’s New Movie—and Big Moment

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Divine inspiration struck Lynn Shelton at a pawn shop. She didn’t actually go in the pawn shop, but she was passing it by it and it hit her: Marc Maron was going to play a pawn shop owner.

The celebrated indie film director (Humpday, Your Sister’s Sister), director of pretty much all of your favorite TV shows (even if you didn’t notice that it’s her name in the credits), and helmer of the upcoming limited series Little Fires Everywhere (starring little-known actresses Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington) had been wanting to work with her friend. She tends to do that, find ways to work with her friends, and this time it was Maron, the prolific podcaster and comedian whom Shelton worked with on GLOW, she struggled to come up with a concept for.   

Then she passed the pawn shop and had a vision of Maron, his chevron mustache, and general “beleaguered weariness” vibe behind the counter. It’s a funny thing to be said about a person, that you can see them perfectly as a pawn shop owner.

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