What Illegal Immigration is really about!

By God Loves You

maxresdefault (1)A lady named Pat McDonough on the a radio show at night on WCBM 680 listened to a phone discussion at a rally about immigration. She heard that there was the task force on New Americans? The Media said President Obama was signing a memorandum that created the task force on New Americans, which would let 5 million illegals become deferred to implement his Amnesty mill. It’s clear that he’s looking to bring in up to 13 to 15 million illegals to become citizens. There was 16 liberal reps there when they they talked, and the top advisor on this was Cecilla Mundes and she’s the top advisor, and the former Senior Director of La Raza. She’s chairing this task force, once they come out of the shadows, their communities will become receiving-communities, which will welcome them and bring them out into the open. And they will morph into a country within a country. They need to start looking at the Immigrant as the seedling so that the federal soil will grow, and grow, and GROW! Kicking you out of your job, your plantation…you little peace of Shangri La. Is that what you want? Then WAKE UP!

She went on to say that the phone conversation went on to say; eventually the seedlings will take over the host! That “they” and the “immigrants” would be coming out of the shadows. And pushing the citizens (meaning you and I)  into the shadows. IF you’re a Democrat you voted for the S.O.B! If you want to get mad, go to a mirror and punch yourself in the face, for voting for President F-tard not just once, but twice! She went on to state that the reps for the Obama Administration on ILLEGAL immigration said;  “we will be developing a country within a country!” there was a couple of buzz words a country within a country and benefits. Officials in the White house are actually talking about immigrants “not assimilating” and they’ll be navigating. This group is not interested in assimilating into American culture. This plays right into what President Obama or President F-tard was saying. It almost sounds like Obama is talking about CONQUERING. As soon as this decision is pushed through the illegals will need cash, medical care, credit cards, and no interest loans? So that Americans will be funding their own personal destruction. And this plan has been in the works for years and years.

They also said that a number of older illegals would be in this immigration patch, and that the government should understand? That immigrants should “age successfully?” within their country, within a country, and that we (the citizens) should give them social security benefits. It sounds great to be a dirty 3rd world douche bag…while many of us are eating Mac & Cheese for dinner; “this seems fair right?”  We’re the ones that are going to be left in the shadows, and well be the ones that are going to be cast aside in America! Yet you’ll sit there picking your nose, while saying; “my country would NEVER do that to me?” God you’re naive!

The Radio Show Co-host made the Allegations on the Mark Levine show which can be found on YouTube. She said that at an immigration rally she became aware of the 3 phone calls during that rally. Involving 16 Obama Administration douche bag rep’s. Including the “all famous?” and “all powerful?” ex-senior president Cecilla Mundes, of the Hispanic triumphalism group, called the National council of La Raza. La Raza means the race (which probably isn’t your race). Who just happens to now run, and is the director of President Obama’s, White House Domestic Policy Council…surprised?

Anyway Obama signed an Executive-Order for 5 million illegal aliens, to become deferred (meaning they’ll wait and not act on illegal immigration). But the reality is that he already signed the memorandum, which created the task force on New Americans (where’s the Ghetto’s?). All to Implement his amnesty mill of 5 — 20 million illegals into America. They will be taking over our country! While La Raza and the members of the Obama administration along with the future democratic party. Will all be pushing American citizens into the shadows! Is that what you want? Making the point that they (meaning the illegal immigrants, along with the crazy leftist democrats, would turn America into their own form of a Communist hell.) So where do regular, everyday, American citizens, who love an independent America, backed by the constitution and the Bill of Rights go? People who don’t want some screwed up Leftist-Utopian, dream/hell, which they created — through President Obama’s illegal executive action to solve an illegal problem that they created. IS that fair to you, or to the future of America?

All of which is to develop a country within a country? What type of nightmare scenario might that be? Now you know how the Obama Administration love their buzzwords — like “a country within a country?” Does anyone even fully understand what those retards are talking about? Or how they said; “immigrants need to be aware of the benefits that they will be entitled too? Or they wouldn’t have to “navigate?” or “assimilate?” So this process could be categorized as “conquering.” Eventually they will receive “Refugee status” for coming here illegally. WTF!

Payne called these allegations “stunning” but are you really surprised? It looks as if the RADICALS ARE IN CONTROL…while you’re sitting on your ass playing with your remote control saying; “this will never affect me? Until you wake up sleeping on that bus bench, because all of the jobs have been taken. by the New Citizens. Yet people like me and others have warned everyone for years. Warning of the massive immigration and illegal immigration, that will be used, by high powered “crazy liberals and others” to get votes for liberals, to transform America Into HELL for everyone! Pretty soon the citizens will be the ones with the Mexican junk-trucks, to pick through the trash to make ends meet, because President Obama doesn’t like American exceptionalism, and just has to just knock-us down a notch.

On a side note, there is something on the books, called the “Immigration Reform, and Nationality Act of 1965, that had stopped our normal-form of immigration. Turning our immigration system into a “huge problem” where 85% of immigrants now come from 3rd world countries and Asia! So because they’re 3rd world people. The quality of the people who are coming will need the handouts. Handouts which the Democratic party will offer them, which is making them become liberals, because they be  “so needy!” when they get here. All of which is really bad for your everyday average American Joe!

Then you have the occasional shifty-leftists lets the info-slip. An example would be an event that had been sponsored by Causa a pro-amnesty group. A man named Breitbart wrote; “Immigration reform or amnesty is probably the biggest issue of the 21st century. Then Rep Kurt Schrader (D-Or) reportedly said, at an immigration Day action event; it (meaning immigration) will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.” And that’s really all President Obama, along with his minions or Administration, and the future Democrats who will  hold political positions in Washington — only care about keeping their big-fat-governmental paychecks, and their hawkish asses in office! They don’t care anything about the people! They only care about getting re-elected, and they don’t care, if they have to fundamentally change, and will physically change the entire country. Displacing every American citizen here, to get new citizens (illegals) who will do as the government hacks say, and only vote for only Democrats. Keeping these Con-men and Con-women in office even longer than the 20 – 30 plus years, like the Democratic lifer Harry Reid who’s been in office has. So their rich asses can look outside the windows, of the cars you’ll never be able to afford to drive. While being able to look down on all the little people they’ve displaced — through their illegal “executive actions” for illegal immigration; “and that’s the real deal!” With their operative principle being; “if you can’t get the people to change the government…change the people.” And President Obama himself alluded to this early last month as the Daily Caller put it:

ferguson-st-louisAll of which is happening because, we have a bunch of lazy, (fill in the blank) weak-ass Republican’s in Office…who also enjoy, many of the same perks of collecting those fat paychecks. So why should they care about the little guys like you and me in America today? When the service on some of their cars, probably costs, more than what you pay every month. So who is America to turn to, when an elitist-club, dominates the political scene in Washington? They’re all a group of people who care more about Photo-ops, than they actually do about taking care of America’s political business correctly. Business which would be; stopping President Obama, from nullifying American life, through his use of his pen, to destroy the American people though illegal immigration. 

Massive Immigration is really about leftist indoctrination taking over America completely! Probably to Rub the wimps who call themselves Republicans noses in diversity, while rendering their arguments out of date. Actually that’s a really retarded way to make a successful point. One day when one of the members of the Democratic parties daughters, or children, gets raped or molested by one of these newly illegal sex offenders? Than maybe they’ll tell the American people, how SORRY they are for destroying the sovereignty of the United States. But it’s so much fun to destroy American culture. Something that took 100’s of years to create, which was and for now, is still called the United States. Look 10 to 15 million illegals will “fundamentally transform” America, something which your President (NOT MINE!) had promised. Look! When you fundamentally change anything it means, if you’re too STUPID to realize this; is that they didn’t like that person, place, or thing very much when they wanted to change it. Otherwise why change it? SO will American citizens become the Toys in an American version of Toy story? A people without a country or a home to go back too; “only time will tell?” Yet all I have to ask is; why are the American people, giving away and financing, the destruction of our, country through immigration? It’s like funding our own destruction from within; “what type of moron does that?” Riddle me that?” So can everyone now understand the true ignorance of the Obama Administration?     

And here’s a new one, which I just had to run home, to write about…it looks as if not just 1 cop, but 2 cops had been shot in Ferguson. Now here’s the kicker on this ridiculousness, the guy who shot the cops, shot them from a Football field away. How would a man using a handgun be able to shot not just 1, but 2 cops, from that far of a distance?  While CNN keeps saying that the Furguson Police Department will be replaced, and that by replacing the Police Department with a government ran police department, to protect all those poor black folks…is being done to protect them from the Cops? But weren’t the Cops the ones who got shot? 

Still we still don’t know, if it wasn’t a CIA operative, or an FBI operative, who shot those Cops in the first place?

It’s funny but didn’t Hitler do the same thing, when he blamed the Communists, for burning down a government building? And look at all the help that Germany got? Help which came in the form of fascism, and socialism! All I see everywhere I look in America are the future victims from the radicals in political office — hiding in their sheep/Democratic clothing! You have the future victims; willingly giving the VICTIMIZERS the keys to the Kingdom!

All of which is going to President Obama and his Administration, and to the future Minion who will take over for him. Plus you also have American Citizens who are too busy, living their high priced, star-studded lifestyles to ever care about anyones future . Some are too busy to care? As long as it doesn’t affect them personally. Then you have the rest! Which counts for 80% of the rest of the American people! People who are either too trusting, or too stupid, to ever believe that our government; “would willing try turning America Communist?” Government Officials who will willingly do anything to Americans, to keep their dreams and futures, in the government for years and years! Yet all I see are all the victims of President Obama’s master plan. All of which is destroying the American dream! And is coming from Republican turncoats help! People who are  holding Senate and Congressional seats today as well. WAY TO GO AMERICA; for selling out every other American, who will be born for the next 100 years…douche bags!

sources http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/immigration/item/20245-amnesty-allegation-obama-wants-to-create-a-country-within-a-country-and-disenfranchise-citizens and Mark Levin as seen YouTube.

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