What’s in a Race?

By God Loves You

Yeah, maybe someone will jack God Loves You to? There sure are some lousy Mo-Fo’s on this Planet! They’re jealous, stingy, selfish, hi-and-mighty, hypocritical, and stupid to boot. My friend said to me; “not everyone is bad?” I sent a moving GIF which was laughing out loud.  Yes I know that there are some good people out there, still it has to be said, that there are a lot more judgmental/bad people than good ones.

A perfect example is Google the Search Engine. I’m not sure who owns it, but I’m pretty sure that the person who does, might be on the “evil side!” Why you ask? Because, I have asked, pleaded, and begged, for them to take down an imposter site but they wouldn’t stating; “it’s a world wide web, and that we don’t have any responsibility who posts what on their search engine or how it shows up in Google Search…? So it’s cool with them to have My site name jacked, and My writers name jacked? So now I’m taking it up with a legal defense team! Because my site is copyrighted, for anyone who can read, right at the bottom of this site.

Way to go Google! Oh and thanks for the pop-up-message about the “suspicious activity?” So when I wrote my last post called “The One World ROAD to HELL, and you thought it was a Conspiracy…SURPRISE!” I really must have pissed some “heads” off, because today, when I tried logging into my Email Account the “suspicious activity popped up!” But a copy and infringement on other peoples content. Who are also able to jack my identity, while Google won’t lift a finger against any of that. While I can’t check my email without getting a suspicious activity warning. At first when I wrote my last post, I was actually making fun of the stupid New World fools/Order, but now I’m just angry, “that I’m living in a world full of IDIOTS!” Did I spell that right for all the spelling Nazi’s?

For my attempts to help these jerks, I’ve been made fun of, laughed at, disregarded, screamed at, put down, and shoved around while being labeled a “conspiracy nut!” So no, I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone else. Still why place pop-up warnings on my computer, if there is nothing to what I’ve written? Me Lady why does thy protest so much? It’s almost like a crazy form of quilt, going after the writers of the world, because if they weren’t doing everything I mentioned in that post, than why go all SS on me? Seriously?

So lets get to the main part of the post, and to the subject in this posts title. When you identify yourself with the color of your skin or with a certain gender or with a religion. Like a kid who survived the Concentration Camps, “you could be setting yourself up to become the governments next victim!” A victim, that can be easily identified by their racial group. Now you like the victims of the Holocaust, never thought for one moment, that their government would be crazy enough to round then up and heard them like Cattle to the Showers, to be gassed to death. Who would ever believe it, but like the kid in the book said, “the Nazis knew right where to find his people!”

Seriously, I get it when you’re black! You really don’t have a choice and are forced to identity with your race, because of the color of your skin. But I being Jewish, don’t have to identify with being Jewish, and with rampant acts of terrorism against the Jewish race. So I’m perfectly happy not exposing myself to racism and the ultimate insult of “JESUS KILLER!

Meanwhile there are groups of angry white-liberal women walking around stating; “Trump will make America White again?” What does that even mean? Now I turned around, and I saw the whitest of white women, telling her other w
hite friend that B.S. So this woman really wants the white race to be at the bottom, “and she’s white?” See, this is one of the reasons, that I’m so sick of being an American today, because I see reverse racism, as still being racist, because you take the humanity of a person away and you group all whites, all blacks, and all of any one race as not being human beings or individuals, while you’ve made them into an unidentifiable racial group/mass. Groups that can be hurt, and even killed, because the minority often become the scapegoat in any society. So, I turned around and screamed at this White Chick, “hey! Have you taken the time to really take a good look in the Mirror because, “you’re White!”

This chick was whiter than I am! So this kind of ignorance which is rampant in America, is really turning me off. Along with all the undercover brother surveillance of my writing. What kind of America are we turing into People?

No really? What type of place have we begun to be? As if things couldn’t get any worse. Some of the ruling class in Washington have made feeding or helping the homeless a crime…why? What kind of people, would allow someone or anyone regardless of any physical-characteristic to suffer and die hungry ,like dogs in the streets? Do you or I, really want to be associated with a government, who is currently imprisoning people for simply being Homeless. OR is that a test, to see if they can put people in permanent Internment Camps without anyone caring? Camps where these homeless are kept 24/7, and are kept day and night. Are you OK with that type of treatment? Well, I’m not, and I don’t think you shouldn’t be either!

So what’s wrong with helping homeless people? Oh, I know, if you help the homeless, you can’t focus on those purely negative things like “RACISM?” Oh here’s something else that kills me, with some of these social issues and agencies. An Example is Black Lives Mater. Well, how come you never see black people helping each other? I’ll give you a prime example of a situation that I experienced after a job interview. There was a Black Man who was on the Subway with me, and he walked into the Subway Car, wearing only a pair of Socks. Meanwhile, there were 5 other black people just staring at him, while some even shrugged their heads in disgust about his condition. I could see the hatred that these other black people had in their hearts for this poor homeless black man. A man, who I took pity on. So I remembered what Jesus Christ said, that if you see a homeless person suffering offer him your only jacket, or your only food, or whatever you had. So I offered him my Jacket! Yet, not one of his own people (black people) gave him anything. And just looked at me, like I was stupid for helping him. And sat there in disbelieve that a WHITE WOMAN had taken pity on a Black Man by helping him out. Regardless of what they thought, but he was so gracious and nice he said; “how did you know, that I slept without a Jacket last night?” I told him I would have given him my shoes, but I don’t thing that they would have fit, and he laughed and said, “yeah, I’m a size 11, I don’t think they’d fit either!

See, that’s why RACISM and playing any type of perpetual victim, while using racism to do it, or to spur even more racism, is so freaking stupid. It’s tearing the very social fabric of America apart! When the truth is, that in the Lords eyes, we are all the EQUAL! And as “one people” under the American Flag, we should stop using our National Identity or our race, as ways to achieve more in America than others. I’m 46, and this is a tragedy unlike any other, that I have ever seen before or probably will ever see again! So I believe that Martin Luther King, would be turning in his Grave at the rampant acts of Racism and stupidity because of race, which is being practiced all over America today.

Just this week, I scored another job, but the 2nd job interview that I went to, was being given by another Latino Woman, who asked me this, and if this isn’t classism at it’s best, “than I’m not sure what is?” She asked me, because I was siting there with my Louie Vuitton bag an appear to be white only, (a bag which coast me under $200) because it was used, and I bought it with my credit account. So she asked me; “so do you think that a rich person should work? And why are you working?” No, seriously, the people in our society, believe that they can assume anything about anyone of us, based on our race, or our economic status, or class, or any other stupid irrational thing which isn’t pertinent to working for them. I really don’t like people who assume stuff, because they make an ass out of you and me!

Well, congratulations to me, for scoring another job in less than 2 days, after quitting the last one. All I want for you, and for myself, is a life free of the harassing, ever present eyes of our Big Brother Government gone rogue! They watch our debit card purchases, while claiming that they’re protecting us from fraud? They watch the computer and everything we type and do claiming that; “they’re protecting us?” Yet, I have to tell them, that I’m perfectly OK with protecting myself, and I don’t need a too big to fail, big brother government protecting me from anything. Oh, and if my last post wasn’t true, than why did the government feel the need to warn me about “suspicious activities?” I will gladly walk to the gallows, with my hands tied behind my back, to have my head placed on a Plater, if it means, saving all of you from them. Because like the Prince Song; “I would die for you!” If me dying, would save all of your lives to warn you about what the government has planed for us, than that’s what I’ll do. No, please turn me into a Saint through my unjust murder, so that people can remember me forever. Hey you’re going to die anyway…right? Plus, if I go to prison over nothing, than I’ll become like Nelson Mandela, write a book, and become a Millionaire and maybe the next President just like he did.

Some people will always try to destroy others, or takeover anything that they those same individuals do. Because they’ll try to make you wear their assumptions of you, and that’s exactly why I hate racism so much. Because now not only are people forced to wear other peoples made up profiles about them, but they also make those same profiles up for themselves. So lets make America great again, by stoping all the hatred and violence, that we are directing at each other.  I just quit a job, and trust me, my ex co-workes/employers will be bad mouthing me, long after I’m gone! Still just ask me, “if I care?” My best answer is, “I didn’t assign their placard of failure to myself. So I’m not about to wear it now! SO I COULD REALLY CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT ANY OF THEM HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ME! So act like me today, and stop the bulies who use race, religion, relationship status, or class, or what you do outside of work, as a way to personally attack you. Do what I did, “quit!” Quit anyone who acts that way, do it today, and be happy tomorrow. Just sneak out the back jack, make a new plan Stan, you don’t need to be coy Roy, just set yourself FREE! Don’t need to discuss much just Jump on the Bus Gus, and set yourself FREE!