Who are the Real TERRORISTS? It's Obama and his Administration!

President Obama Wants to bring Civil War to America!

By God Loves You


First they’ll take your guns, then they’ll take your life! Obama and his Zombies, want to take full control of everyone living in America today. They don’t want you to be United States Citizens! They want you to be the citizens of a World they’ve created. You’ll be following their laws, their rules, living by their standards, and your children will learn what they want them to learn. In order for the Communist’s and the Globalists to take over they need a world takeover. To be able to CONTROL THE WORLD. Blah ha ha! So why haven’t most of you reading this figured this out yet? How many groups are the NSA and other big government agencies following? Look they’re following all of the movements of Black Lives Matter. Why? They say to be able to tell law enforcement. Yet didn’t the higher ups in government tell the Police to stand down against the Black Life matter marchers? Think about that!

Why can’t any of you see the bigger picture here? Look! One murder, two murders, maybe even three murders by crazies — who want to kill innocent people could be filed under a “coincidence?” Yet didn’t you find it a little weird that in a 2 to 3 month period, guys with barely any past criminal-records, who had histories of mental illness. Men who’d be considered drifters, just went and killed people. Why aren’t any of you asking any important question about the recent shootings. You’re just sitting there accepting everything that you see on the T.V as fact? Without ever doing anything called “fact checking!” I mean you never use any logic. Especially when it is so apparently clear, that the government is using these vicious killings as a way to pull the strings of the law to take your guns.  They are monitoring and banning anyone with a voice here in America. Why are they doing that? The very first statement by the President was that he wanted a private military establishment in America; “now why would he want that?”moneypp6.camps

It’s really not a radical idea to say; “where are they going next with all the fictitious shit they keep pulling?” Next they’ll say that every Vet that has PTSD needs to held accountable for any future crimes he or she might commit. They have cheerleaders like that dirty Jew Jon Stewart. Stewart who jokes about starting Martial Law with President Obama to take American guns. Check out http://www.army.mil/ to read the truth for yourself.

Another recruitment center in Tampa is under attack today. They need bullets but because of a stupid rule they can’t carry a weapon in a recruitment center. That seems fair…right?

Yet many of these Senators have a creepy smirk on their faces. While America sinks by through their design. The Federal government is the Trojan Horse and is about to bust out of that horse to take over America making us all citizens of the U.N and the World! IS that the future that you want? Everything regarding the new world order is coming true but you’re still asleep.


The control freaks in Washington will eventually take away our rights, our voice and access to the internet, and access to freedom. They are worse than Judas while being more secretive about their deception, and cunning…and we are about to bare the cross — which these traders in government have set upon our backs. Except we won’t be as lucky as Christ, because who will help us to our feet? No other country will be able to come to our rescues. Just like we came to the rescue of the Jewish people. People who were brutally held in Death Camps. Our fates are sealed! And our time is coming to an end as a Superpower, but you’d rather call me, and everyone else who tries to warn you as an “ALARMIST?” Well sometimes Alarms need to be pulled, and evil people, like the ones working in Washington who created this Utopian Nightmare/New World (by the way all New Worlds have always sucked) need to be stopped. We have no-power! We pull no strings! Even Alex Jones knows that we are their pions. We are the less than 0.05% in these maniacs eyes, and all of us chanting in the Streets to stop them. Will only accomplish more murder and mayhem at their hands. So what’s the answer?


Yet people like us are called Fear Porn conspiracists and worse. The U.N will use the Russians and Chinese troops to dissolve the U.S government. They will do a 727 Fema type take over, a U.N Agenda, 21 Hunger games model. They have deep underground military bases. So where did all those Jade Helm Tanks disappear to? Are they in underground facilities? still you’re not worried about a thing, most sitting Pigeons who selfishly believe they’re in control…just sit and wait for the march, and complacently march into those Showers. Unfortunately my own father is one of those.

The woman who created Planned Parenthood was a racist, and most liberals worship her. Whoa onto them; who call evil good and good evil. This is the enemy for those who have said and done nothing. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! You are complicent too your own destruction. We don’t know exactly what they are going to do to us; “but guess what?” It’s coming to a neighborhood near you, so don’t surrender your weapons. So if Civil War erupts and blows up in all of the elitists faces. You and your family will be protected.

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