Why are Young People living in Unicorn Land?

By; God Loves You

55623145Jealousy, stupidity, envy, hate, bad-judgments, and everything in America has gotten worse since President Obama has gotten into office. Unless you think otherwise? Now check this out. I never dealt with uppity-black-people until after Obama had gotten into office. Then after his 2nd term some blacks have gotten much worse. I might be labeled a racist for telling the truth, but I simply don’t care anymore. After President Obama won his first election, a black man came into the store I worked at and told me this; “now you trailer park white people will finally learn your place?” Now if that statement isn’t racist? Then I don’t know what is;”reverse racism in America is OK, as long as it’s directed at white people!”

My son is still messed-up but he like many young people in America; he’s his own worst enemy. A lot of young people today are enemies to themselves! So rather than going home to his Grandmother who has a room waiting for him, he’s sitting in a small one bedroom apartment. An apartment that doesn’t have any heat or any air conditioning. He’s on pain med’s day and night, and he’s not eating, after having a blood transfusion.

Even though all of this is breaking my heart because; “at any minute I’m expecting to get a call telling me he’s dead.” He does have a girlfriend, which unfortunately for him, she is his everything. Now this “death do us part” sooner for you, than for me mentality, is a sickness in America! Which many, many, people have here! Some would rather die than take care of themselves, because as long as they are in “ANY” relationship, then that’s OK for them. They love the relationship that they’re in, more than they love their own lives? Or the life of the person they claim to love so much. The relationship or the “security-blanket” given by such a relationship, is what keeps them stuck in it. Even though they are completely miserable. My mother says that she saw my son, and he’s got sunken checks, looks weak, and looks like he’s dying. Yet he won’t change and neither will you! It’s like talking to a wall…so why bother?

Are you a Unicorn worshiper? I mean are you ignoring your health? Your loved ones? Your own life? Is life passing you by? Are you paying less and less attention to the things around you? Then maybe you have a relationship addiction?

Many people especially the older people living among us, feel like if they don’t have someone attached at the hip, that their lives are over or that they’ll die. I’ve seen so many men and women lose their lives for love. Yet it’s the Unicorn-effect because it’s a fairytale! It was never real to begin with. Yet these types of people will live with the Unicorn effect until it finally kills them. Maybe that’s you? Maybe it’s a friend? Today I asked my dad, if he would go in half’s with me, on my son’s future funeral expenses? My father said; “that’s a little extreme!” Is it? I mean he’s weak, and not eating or taking care of himself, while being on pain med’s…how hard is it to die in an already weakened condition? Really what can a parent do to stop their kids from being a victim of loves battlefield? A place where the war takes everything a person has to offer and leaves them nothing. Many ultimately will commit suicide after finally realizing they’ve wasted their entire existence on loveless stupid relationships…which has left them nothing and nowhere. Many of these types of love addicts don’t even have God to fall back on.

Yet President Obama has made all of this Unicorn’d thinking possible…with the pity party Democrats, falling into line about everything that feels good being OK? Since when has everything that feels good been OK? Hey if you’re a man and you don’t feel-good being a man, now if you’re in prisoner you can become a woman…because the Obama Administration will give you a lawyer, and pay for your future sex change. That’s fair…right? While many of us, who are working our asses off, can’t afford mac and cheese tonight, but lets give a Tranny millions who’s behind, is stuck in jail anyway? So he can become a woman…why? Is that right? NO it’s not right, but you’re not going to hear any of the clowns who are stuck in Washington today talk about that…now will you?

Our people have been made weak by our Unicorn’d fairytale’d American existence.  An existence were everything that we’ve ever dreamed of is “OK?” because we believe that it is.

Like I just had a friend who was a Democrat quit a job I’m working at because as she said; “they didn’t pay her fast enough?” She took a telemarketing job, but forgot the simple fact, because she’s a democrat, who’s trapped on “Unicorn effect Island.” A place where you don’t have to work hard, or prove yourself at a telemarketing job to be able to keep it. What I’m telling you is, that you’ll actually have to sell something, to keep the job. Something which she didn’t and couldn’t do, but she wants to go to a $12 – $15 dollar an hour telemarketing job? When it’s depressingly-honest that she can’t be a telemarketer, because she doesn’t have the talent to do the job. It takes more than skill to be a telemarketer! Many retarded-leftist-freaks think my job is a punk-ass job…one lady asked me today are you reading from a script? So I told her…mam! I’m not on trial! But have great day! The left assumes that my job is a punk ass job, but I was a fundraiser like President Obama was! Fundraising on the phone! Unfortunately for the Democratic Party. I always said since I’m a Republican…it was a; “know thy enemy moment!”

My son along with many, many, other young men and women, are living in Unicorn Land today. It’s a place where they have a river called denial. So rather then looking at their lives and fixing them? They’ll sit there with a bag of weed, with each other, while telling each other; “I love you?” They’ll be broke! While living off a bag of rice (some will be having kid after kid) in rooms all over the country, while completely broke and suffering. While telling everyone else how great their lives are? When everything in their worlds are totally fake!

It’s just like the fight between Fox News and Msnbc News it’s a fight where they pretend to hate each other? All of which is stuck in Unicorn Land. Just look at what happened once all the Republicans got into office. Did they stop illegal immigration? DID THEY? No they didn’t! Wasn’t that what they promised? They didn’t stop the deal with Iran either…did they? So aren’t they really on the same page as Msnbc? Maybe they don’t openly love President Obama, but the hate is all hype with them…its just more Unicorn-fantasy while living in America. How can anyone know the truth? When everyone is lying about everything? Think about that for a moment!

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