Why Hillary and Obama really want Trump out of the Way!

By Jade McLove

It’s amazing to me, how blind most people are when it comes to the Washington Elite, and how people on the Hill operate. Look! Politics today is a racket!

The Commander and Thief, Dear insane Barack Obama, our current thief/President, would love to be able to cover up all of the crimes in Office, which he has committed during his Presidency. Which is why, all of his Administration is constantly covering up for him like Nazis. So why would President Obama, back Hillary Clinton? It’s because she has him hanging over a Barrel, because of all those dirty deeds which she knows about. Plus she’s all to willing to throw him over a cliff, if he won’t endorse her for President. Think about it? Why else, would a sitting President Campaign for a known scammer?

Unless you don’t believe, that using your own Server as Secretary of State, to send top secret messages behind the governments back, isn’t a scam against every single American in the U.S today?

Still, it has to be asked, “why would President O’bummer be so willing, to back any woman, who might be up on FBI and CIA charges, for breaking the law?” Isn’t it obvious? President Obama is in collusion with Hillary Clinton! So because she’s such a cut-throat, He has no-other choice but to back her nominations! Or she might ruin his legacy, by turning him into the FBI, for things like Fast and Furious, where both Clinton and Obama, used government agencies and even the State Department, to smuggle Drugs for Guns in and from the U.S to Mexico. That in and of itself, is an impeachable crime.

This is a if I scratch your back, you’re going to scratch mine, by endorsing me for President. Even though you know I’m Satan’s spawn, and would be the worst thing, which ever happened to America. So Hillary has President Obama under her thumb, so to speak.

And that’s why both Hillary and Obama, don’t want Trump getting close to the Presidency, because Trump hates Obama — more than the Clinton’s ever have, and he will totally destroy the one thing, which President Obama holds dear, “which is his legacy!” Whatever that means?

See, because once Trump gets into Office, everything Benghazi is up on the table to dissect, and to bring into the public view. Thereby ruining President Obama’s legacy, and maybe potentially bringing about an investigation, and hearings, about what the President was involved in, and how much He was involved in. Which would be just like what happened with the Fast and Furious scandal. A fact which actually played in those peoples gruesome murders by terrorists. Along with, exactly what He and his Cohort Hillary Clinton, where covering up with the scandal. It would be the scandal of the century, and would ruin the Democratic Party for years to come. Now the Democratic Party knows this, and that’s why President Obama is actually campaigning for Hillary Clinton, because this evil mo’fo, have everything to lose, if Donald Trump becomes our next President. Now this is what you should be asking yourself, when you see a sitting President actively campaigning for another Presidential nominee. Something which, I believe is just “unfair!” Yet, that’s exactly how President Obama, and the Clinton’s are “they’re unfair!”

While the Presidency is a platform for the Clinton’s, and the Obama’s egos! While not being about anything which the American people might actually want. It’s not about us! Especially when those Political-Gangsters, are running for President. It’s all about them and their rights, and they could careless about you or me, because we aren’t part of the Elite Crowd which they run with. So they fear and loath Donald Trump, because he is a part of the elite, but openly love the American citizens of the United States. So the Democratic Party and the Political Elite like Paul Ryan — won’t be making $$$ millions in backdoor deals, once Donald Trump becomes President. Now the above are the real reasons why President Obama and the Clinton’s, “are trying to destroy Donald Trump!” So don’t be stupid and get pulled into believing anything, that the Democratic Elite tell you, because almost all of them, are back-stabbing liars. Liars who are doing back door deals with Nations that do not hold American values of freedom.

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