Why the Bible and the Koran are Blocking God from your life.

By God Loves You.

The Books that are stopping you from knowing God!

Today, tomorrow, and forever! We have people who are not good people, are teaching other people how to interpret the Bible and the Koran. Well what if they’re wrong? Let’s be real for a moment shall we?

I’m telling you the truth, and I don’t have to quote a bunch of old dead prophets, or supposed holly men to tell you “my truth!” My truth is real! These idiots are holding you and the rest of the world back from knowing our living God, a God who is permanently ageless at around 30 something. Who’s in really good shape, we should all be more like our God, yet so many of us, have never had any experiences with him or of him. And I blame the Bible and the Koran as the two biggest road blocks for mankind from ever experiencing a close encounter with God.

It’s amazing to me how many people constantly try to preach either the Koran or the Bible verses to me, as if any of that is somehow going to make my relationship with God. A relationship more “real?” than it already has become for me. They’ll tell you; “you have to? Must do? And need too? To see God?” Really has anyone done the simple act of listening when spoken too?

People in our world get really weird. No! I mean really weird. They power trip on everyone and everything. Just look at Joel Osteen…he needs a Football Stadium to preach the word of God. Jesus Christ preached God’s word on a mount, in a field and look how many people showed up for that. It’s as if these Preachers and Imams have taken the place of our living God. These Demi-God’s who preach and pretend to take the seat of Christ and Mohamed…are standing in the way with the very word they were meant to spread. Which was God’s message and not their own. Period! No exception, and no go past go, with this. It’s a huge sin in the eyes of God, to stop him from being able to communicate with all of his children.

I’m not saying to not read the Bible or the Koran, what I’m saying is stop using the Bible and the Koran as a weapon against either; A. unbelievers, or B. people who have a prophetic message to spread which comes from God. Where do you think Mosses, Christ, and Mohamed, got their messages from?

They got their messages directly from God, now whether they kept on point with that message, is really up to the reader. All I’m trying to tell you is that when you take the written word of man which is in a Bible or a Koran which came from God, you are stopping yourself from actually knowing God. Why? Because you are standing in your own way…to the light descending from Heaven.

I’m not telling you to not believe in the word, just stop letting the word stop you, from actually getting to know are living God. You’re asking me; “how do I’ get to know the living God?” Well if I could do it so could you. It’s a full prove guide to knowing God. When God says to do something nice for someone to you…do it! You think that everything you think and hear in your mind is you, when most of the nice things that you’re thinking about doing for someone else are coming directly from God.

Take my example. Jesus Christ said give away all your belongings and follow me. So one day I wanted to know what that meant so I called the thrift shop “Out of the Closet” and had them pick up all of my stuff except for some clothes and some really personal items. I did that before moving. I wanted a new start with new things, so I went and charitably gave everything I had to a thrift shop that sponsored AID’s research. How many of you have done that?

Another time my friends daughter who had brain Cancer was stricken with it when she turned 18 years old that same year that I gave all my things away. So three days after being admitted into the Hospital she died. Her heart broken father was poor and didn’t have any money for the Funeral. So I just casually gave him $100 dollars.

I’ve given two of my friend’s two designer watches. One as a going away present, and the other just because she liked it. Who cares it’s only stuff, I’ll get more. But that stuff really brightened up their day. I also just gave a friend who had a new baby a $100.00 gas gift card, just because I knew he needed the gas. When I lived in Hollywood before moving into the Valley in Woodland Hills I would walk around Hollywood giving the poor people on the streets money. Now I usually did that almost every day.

So to all those followers of God, who can’t hear him…what have you done for someone else today? Or what have you given, donated, or volunteered to do for someone else. Did or have you ever helped anyone, and if not why? Do you really think that God listens to anyone who has a selfish heart? Who is angry all the time? Who is selfish? Who never listens to his or her friends? Do you really think God even likes people like that…really?

So when you spend every Sunday in Church, while refusing to see anyone else’s sufferings you are the problem. You really are. If you want to sweep everyone else’s problems under the carpet, so that you can swim in self-righteousness today you’re selfish, and you’ve earned God’s contempt. You really have! When you believe yourself to be better than others while forgetting where you came from, you’ve earned God’s contempt.

Most act like the Holly of the Hollys in America. Especially the Christians! I’ve seen a view Muslims doing it. They run all over town thinking that if I bow down a billion times, or if I pray a 100 times a day…that I’m a righteous man or woman, and “God must love me?” Really you think that’s all it take to earn God’s love? Forgiveness is not as easy as the Priests, and the Nuns, and Preachers and others say it is. You must follow God’s law…and stop sinning. You must take responsibility for you actions, and do well for and to others. You must STOP your greedy cruel, coldhearted ways. God’s love isn’t something you get once in a while, God’s love is perfect…but you have to earn it. God will speak to you, if you do everything that he asks of you, which does not ever include “MURDER!”

Did I mention that you have to follow the 10 commandments to a T? Yes you have to follow those, because even though Mosses brought them down from the Mountain, they weren’t just meant for the Jewish race. The 10 Commandments are God’s laws, and they were meant to bring peace to a violent and blood thirsty world.

So get past the BIBLE and the KORAN today — use these Books as a way to making your lives better and not worse. Look at the stories and ask yourself; “how could I be more Christ or Mohamed like today?” What could I do to make someone else’s suffering less today, than what it was yesterday. Think about this; if every single selfish person in the world today, would just be more caring towards other human beings. Instead of treating each other like enemies, think about how wonder the world could be.

OK that’s the end of this religious message, if you’d like more messages you can donate 10 dollars into the Golden Pot at the door. Just kidding.

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