Yes, You Can Cook a Whole Alligator at Home

Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast

Like something out of a New York urban legend, there’s a 20-pound alligator curled up in the kitchen sink of my Brooklyn apartment. 

Fortunately, it’s been skinned from neck to tail, so only its head—including teeth—and claws remain intact. The meat has been tamed by a fragrant two-day brine of sage, cayenne, ground thyme, garlic, peppercorns, salt and brown sugar. Even in this state, it’s a little terrifying.

To help me tackle this dish, I’ve enlisted the help of chef Adam Lathan, a Mississippi-born New York transplant and owner of The Gumbo Bros restaurant. From the start, he has made it clear he’s suspect that a 4-foot alligator could be slow-roasted in my ordinary oven and finished with smoke on my standard Weber grill. (He uses a commercial convection oven and a large drum smoker when he cooks his gators.) 

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